Greta Thunberg Says She Has Never Been Drunk In Her Life

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has opened up about why she's never been drunk, her dating life and how much money she earns from her work. 
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Climate activist Greta Thunberg has opened up about why she’s never been drunk, her dating life and how much money she earns from her work. 

Thunberg, 19, began her environmental campaigning as a teenager and in a new interview with The Times, opened up about her relationship with alcohol.

The Swede said she would ‘never go out drinking’, nor would she do anything ‘stupid’.

She explained: “I don’t know if that’s because I’m that kind of person or if it is because I don’t want to be ‘seen’. 

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“I guess it could be both.”

She said she worries that people could try to get her drunk, just so that they could say they were the first to manage it.

In the wide-ranging interview, the youngest-ever Time ‘Person of the Year’ also touched on her concerns about flirting and dating.

Thunberg said: “Yeah. If I come up to them, you’re more vulnerable.

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“So you have people looking up to you, but you’re also much more vulnerable.”

Thunberg also spoke about her finances, stating that she doesn’t earn any money from her work. 

She said her only source of income is the student grant she gets for going to university.

She is set to publish ‘The Climate Book: The Facts and the Solutions’ – which will detail information from experts from all over the globe on how people can best tackle the climate crisis.

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It will be published in 15 different countries, though the activist says that it will not earn her any money.

Thunberg said: “The proceeds that I will make will go to charity.

“It would be nice to have money, but by donating… 

“For example, if I donate it to rewilding or nature conservation, I can start a debate on that.

“If I donate to refugees, you can talk about why – and then you can explain.”

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg says she would ‘never go out drinking’ or do anything ‘stupid’. Credit: Alamy

The activist admitted that having her student grant as a sole means of income is ‘not very sustainable’.

While many would assume that Thunberg holds a lot of power, she feels as though she doesn’t have any at all.

“It’s difficult because, in one way, I feel like I’m just an activist – we know how to organise a strike, how to talk to politicians,” she explained.

“But on the other hand, my position is very different [from other activists].

“There are very few who have the experience of being a grassroots campaigner and also being followed by the paparazzi.

“Someone recently told me I am an influencer, but I don’t like that.”

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She once had to hire security guards because of r*** and death threats she’d received on social media.

However, Thunberg says that walking home by herself, booking her own trains and where she stays and bringing her own food keeps an element of normality in her life.

She concluded: “But we’re not doing all this because we want to.

“We’re doing this because it seems like you have to do something.”

In the summer, Thunberg made a shock appearance on stage at Glastonbury, where she slammed ‘lying’ political leaders.

She told the Pyramid Stage crowd that ‘dishonesty’ in office has ‘not only become socially acceptable’, but it’s what the public has come to expect.

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