Netflix Viewers Are All Saying The Same Thing About Sofia Vergara After Watching New Series Inspired By True Story

Griselda, the Netflix show based on a real story and starring Sofia Vergara, has viewers all saying the exact same thing...
Credit: Netflix

A new Netflix series, inspired by a true story and starring Sofia Vergara, has the internet all saying the exact same thing.

The streaming platform has been knocking it out of the park recently – particularly when it comes to content based on real life.

With the incredible survival story of the plane crash in the Andes, the heartbreaking drama branded a ’10/10′, and the latest true crime documentary dubbed a ‘real life Gone Girl’, there’s no shortage of what to watch.

But the latest TV show to drop on the platform, starring Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, has viewers all saying the exact same thing…

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Griselda is based on the life story of notorious crime lord, Griselda Blanco.

Vergara stars in the titular role, playing the infamous drug lord who ruled Miami.

Alongside Vergara in the main role, the show also stars Alberto Guerra (Narcos: Mexico), Juliana Aidén Martinez (The Blacklist), Vanessa Ferlito (NCIS: New Orleans) and Christian Tappán (Snowfall).

Blanco was a key figure in the drug supply chain between Colombia and US cities like Miami and earned millions of dollars in this illegal trade.

Blanco was eventually jailed for her crimes, and after serving time in jail, she returned to Colombia.

Griselda (2023).
Everyone is saying Sofia Vergara deserves an Emmy for her performance in Griselda. Credit: Netflix

Strangely, she was shot dead at 69 by an unknown assailant on a motorbike, who has never been caught, as per Forbes.

Since airing on Netflix, the show has generated a lot of praise online, but most viewers are saying one thing in particular.

People have been supremely impressed with Vergara’s performance as Griselda, aka the Black Widow.

Many commenters have even claimed that Vergara should be in contention for an award thanks to her stellar showing.

One fan writes: “Finished watching Griselda on Netflix. Congrats to Sofia Vergara for a powerful acting role as it’s her best to date. She deserves an Emmy for this role and I hope she gets it as she went out of her comfort zone and did a great job on the show.”

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Another agrees: “This show is complex and brutal. I feel Sofia Vergara will win her first Emmy with this incredible performance. Bravo.”

While a third pens: “Sofia Vergara is gunning for an award with this performance!”

“Sofia was amazing! The entire cast was! I binged it in one day!” somebody else says.

A fifth says: “Griselda is a 100. Sofia Vergara deserves an Emmy award for this character.”

Critics, too, have been loving the spectacular show.

Lucy Mangan for The Guardian calls it: “… hugely enjoyable, well paced and gorgeous to look at throughout. There isn’t a weak performance in it and it functions always as a much-deserved showcase for all that Vergara can do.”

Watch the trailer for Griselda below… 

Griselda is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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