People Are Calling ‘Phenomenal’ TV Show A ’10/10′ After Binging Whole Thing In One Night

The Castaways has been branded 'phenomenal' and a '10/'10' TV show by viewers who binge-watched it all in one night. 
Credit: Paramount+

A brand new TV show has been branded ‘phenomenal’ and a ’10/’10’ by viewers who binge-watched it all in one night. 

It’s that time of year when we’re all looking for a reason to sit down on our couch and not get back up.

It’s cold and rainy outside, Christmas is over, and all we want to do is watch TV.

Luckily, there’s a whole host of brand-new, binge-able series out there for us to enjoy while we wait for January to pass.

There’s the intense new Netflix thriller keeping viewers up at night, the new Michelle Keegan mystery, and even a show some are calling better than Breaking Bad.

But the latest new TV series to take the internet by storm might just be the perfect January viewing…

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The Castaways, streaming now on Paramount+, is a mystery thriller set in an enticingly sunny and tropical location.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Lucy Clarke, the series stars Sheridan Smith and Céline Buckens as sisters.

The official synopsis sees the pair “on the holiday of a lifetime in Fiji.

“But after a falling out, Erin never boards the island-hopping flight to their tropical resort – and the plane, with Lori on board, never arrives at its destination.

“Months later, despite no wreckage or survivors being found, Erin refuses to give up hope her sister has survived.

“After Lori’s credit card is used in a corner shop in a remote village in Fiji, Erin immediately sets out from the UK to investigate the mystery of her sister’s disappearance.”

The Castaways
The Castaways has been branded a ’10/10′ by some viewers. Credit: Paramount+

“I’m so excited to be working with Céline Buckens and to be part of this amazing production bringing Lucy Clarke’s bestselling novel to life,” Smith said at the time, as per the Evening Standard.

People of social media are already loving the show, which hit screens on Boxing Day.

Reviews are rolling in on X, formerly Twitter, with one writing: “10/10 for The Castaways. Binged it – so good.”

Another adds: “Just watched The Castaways with Sheridan Smith on Paramount+ and it was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Highly recommend.”

A third agrees: “OK just binged The Castaways on Paramount+ starring Sheridan Smith and Céline Buckens.

“Plane crashes on an Island, people assumed dead, one of the survivor’s sisters unravels the mystery. Great fun, lots of twists and turns and a gripping last episode.”

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While a fourth concurs: “I had to watch all episodes last night. What an amazing drama. Epically written and what an amazing cast.”

The Castaways on Paramount+ is brilliant viewing,” echoes a fifth.

And it appears the viewers’ love is being reflected by the critics, too.

Phil Harrison in The Guardian chose the show as his pick of the week, calling it: “A darkly plotted and sunnily staged piece of escapism.”

Digital Spy agreed, penning: “You’ll have a right rollicking good time while you’re in the thick of it.”

Watch the intriguing trailer below …

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