Man Killed By Bullet Fired At Him 20 Years Earlier

Henry Ziegland was allegedly killed by a bullet that was fired at him 20 years earlier.
Credit: Quora & Alamy

A man was allegedly killed by a bullet that was fired at him 20 years earlier.

Henry Ziegland was a farmer in Texas and in 1893 he had just ended his relationship with his girlfriend Maysie Tichnor.

He admitted to her that he had been unfaithful to her and reportedly, she took her own life.

Tichnor’s brother blamed Ziegland for his sister’s death and is believed to have sought revenge on the farmer.

He went over to Ziegland’s house in Honey Grove and reportedly shot at him before killing himself with the gun.

Luckily for the farmer, the bullet just grazed him and got lodged in a tree behind him.

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While Ziegland was injured from the assassination attempt, he survived and went on to live a pretty normal life – including getting married and having a child.

However, 20 years later that bullet would come back to haunt him.

While out with his son in the forest on the land he owned, he was chopping firewood for the family fire, as per The Mirror.

Ziegland then came across one piece of bark that was refusing to fall.

Thinking of solutions that would bring it down, the farmer opted to place dynamite inside the trunk to bring it down – which was an established and popular technique for the time.

Ziegland and his son stood 50 yards away and watched the explosion go off.

Of all the trees he could’ve blown up, this, unfortunately, happened to be the one where the missed bullet from 20 years ago was lodged into.

So when the dynamite went off, the bullet was dislodged and hit the farmer straight in the temple – killing him instantly right in front of his son.

Henry Ziegland (right) and his brother, Jacob Ziegland (left).
Henry Ziegland (right) and his brother, Jacob Ziegland (left). Credit: Quora

This freak accident made national news – yet over a century later and people are still speculating if it really happened.

The reason people are unsure about how true this incident was is that no one has actually come forward to corroborate the events.

But at the same time, no one has actually denied that it happened either.

The first alleged news report about the incident was believed to be in Mississippi’s Jackson Evening News in 1905 which described it as ‘a marvellous case of punishment on earth for the sins of the flesh’.

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Eight years later, the same story appeared in a range of national papers as if it was a current event that had only just happened.

Although, the stories reported a different location in Texas, Fort Worth.

One theory that has been speculated is that a couple of teenagers came up with the story and somehow managed to trick journalists into believing it actually happened – leading to it becoming a story in the press.

Whether it is true or not, it is certainly one unlucky way to die.

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