Home Alone Fans Left Baffled After Realising Who The Cop Is

Home Alone fans are only just realising who the cop actually is in the first movie.
Credit: 20th Century Fox

People are only just realising who the cop actually is in Home Alone, despite the movie having come out 33 years ago. 

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to snuggle up and watch some holiday classics.

For many people, the first two Home Alone movies are absolute staples to enjoy at this time of year – and this has resulted in some people only just noticing one of the comedy’s smaller details.

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The 1990 Christmas comedy follows a boy named Kevin (Macauley Culkin) who is forced to defend his suburban home from a pair of robbers after his family accidentally leave him behind when going on holiday.

Directed by Christopher Columbus, it’s the first film of the franchise – which now has a whopping six.

Towards the beginning of the movie, Sergeant Larry Balzak visits Kevin’s home and finds the property in chaos, with kids running wild.

The officer warns Kevin’s dad, Peter, that around the holidays there are ‘a lot of burglaries’ so he should take some proper precautions.

Home Alone cop.
The cop in Home Alone is actually one of the ‘Wet Bandits’. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Peter then reveals that the home has automatic timers for lights and locks on the doors.

After finding out the family is jetting off on holiday to Paris, the officer leaves the property and seemingly doesn’t appear again… or does he?

It turns out that Sergeant Balzak is actually Harry Lyme (played by Joe Pesci) – one of the ‘Wet Bandits’. He simply pretended to be a cop in order to find out information on the lavish home so he could break into it!

Gobsmacked Home Alone fans have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) and reacted to this small detail in the movie.

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One fan writes: “I’m 30 years of age and I’ve only just realised Joe Pesci is the cop at the start of Home Alone, which is how he knows the house will be empty for them to rob.”

Another adds: “How have I only just realised the cop from the start of Home Alone is one of the two crooks.”

“How is it that I’ve just realised the cop from Home Alone is the robber,” somebody else admits.

A fourth person comments: “Only just realised the cop at the beginning of Home Alone is one of the burglars. I am a mess.”

Kevin in Home Alone.
There are plenty of small details in the Home Alone movie that go unnoticed by fans. Credit: 20th Century Fox

Pesci, 80, is known for playing tough and volatile characters, having starred in movies such as Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino.

The Once Upon a Time in America actor isn’t often seen in films nowadays, having largely retired from the industry to focus on his real passion… music, as per Esquire.

Reflecting on stepping away from Hollywood, Pesci previously told The New York Times: “I love to star in movies, but I want to have good roles.

“It doesn’t help to get starring roles in something that’s no good. I mean, that will just kill you.”

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