Macaulay Culkin Has Legally Changed His Name

Macaulay Culkin has legally changed his middle name - and it’s a pretty unusual one, to say the least.
Credit: Alamy & 20th Century Fox

Macaulay Culkin has legally changed his name – and it’s definitely unique.

Culkin, 42, shot to fame after playing Kevin McCallister in the 1990 Christmas blockbuster Home Alone.

Today the former child star still has a legion of loyal fans who he keeps updated with his life.

However, not many know that he has officially changed his name.

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Culkin was given the middle name Carson at birth, reportedly after Kit Carson, an American frontiersman from the Old West.

That’s now changed, though, as he held a poll on his website allowing fans to pick his new moniker. 

He wrote: “My middle name is something dumb. Larry? Orange? Honestly, I can’t even remember it.

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“So I asked you all to send in some better options so I can go down to the courthouse and explain to a judge why I need to change my middle name to something cool.

“You sent in hundreds of suggestions and after going through them all, these were my favourite five.”

The names he picked out for the poll were Macaulay Culkin, Shark Week, Kieran, TheMcRibIsBack and Publicity Stunt.

As the poll neared its conclusion, he wrote: “Sure, I might have a gold-plated watercraft and chrome-plated invisibility cloaks, but all I want for Christmas is a new middle name. 

“And then you can be all, ‘Oh, you got your wife a beautiful portrait of your family? Well, I chose Macaulay Culkin’s middle name’.

“And they will cry and cry. Don’t be the kind of person who cries on Christmas. 

“Be the kind person that chooses my new middle name.”

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
Macaulay Culkin changed his middle name to Macaulay Culkin in 2018. Credit: 20th Century Fox

After more than 100,000 votes, Macaulay Culkin was the overwhelming winner with more than 61,000 votes.

So, his official name is now Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. 

Weird, sure, but better than a tribute to Mcdonald’s ever-popular barbecue pork sandwich

Reacting to the name change, one fan wrote on Twitter: “[This] is why you never ask the internet for their opinion on naming things. 

“It always ends up being the most ridiculous thing ever. Just ask Boaty McBoatface.”

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Another said: “I was today years old when I found out that Macaulay Culkin’s middle name is legally Macaulay Culkin.”

“Today I learned that Macaulay Culkin changed his middle name to Macaulay Culkin,” added a third. 

“So his whole name is now Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin and this somehow makes me extremely happy.”

Another joked: “Damn. I was pulling for Camaulay Mulkin. Macaulay Camaulay Mulkin Culkin.”

“Did you seriously get this officially done?”, another fan asked. “I’ve been waiting to see some kind of legal doc.

“It’s still funny but that’ll drive it home as completely amazing!”

One fan liked his name as it was, though: “Macaulay Carson Culkin has a wonderful ring to it.”

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