Clever Trick To Check Whether Someone Is Spying On You Through Your iPhone

There's a clever trick you can use to check if someone is spying on you through your iPhone.
Credit: Alamy

There’s a clever trick you can use to check if someone is spying on you through your iPhone.

We probably all spend a little too much time staring into the abyss of social media and messaging apps on a daily basis.

But have you ever considered the fact that you might be being watched while doing so?

If you’ve ever noticed small coloured dots near the front-facing camera of your iPhone, you may be wondering what they mean.

Now, we have an answer.

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Apparently, these dots are actually built-in warning signals designed to protect your privacy and notify you when your online safety is at risk.

There are three main coloured dots, known as Apple status bar icons, that can appear at the top of your iPhone’s screen.

The blue dot with a white arrow pointing to the right indicates that an app is attempting to access your location.

An orange or yellow dot signifies that your device’s microphone is currently in use.

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Similarly, a green dot indicates that an app is actively using your camera.

It’s important to note that a blue dot appearing alongside apps on your phone’s home screen is unrelated and simply indicates that the app has been recently updated.

There is no cause for concern in such cases.

If you encounter any of these dots unexpectedly and are not aware of any app accessing your camera, microphone, or location, it’s worth investigating further.

You can check which apps are utilising these features by accessing the Control Centre on your iPhone and observing the dots icon at the top.

There’s a clever trick people can use to check if someone is spying on you through your iPhone. Credit: Alamy

Additionally, you can enable the App Privacy Report in your Settings to keep track of which apps have been using sensitive permissions like camera, microphone, and location.

It’s crucial to review your iPhone’s safety features, as facial recognition vulnerabilities have been reported.

Hackers can potentially gain access to your device without your knowledge by exploiting facial recognition when your eyes are closed or by bypassing the safeguard if you’re wearing glasses.

To enhance security, ensure that the ‘Face ID & Attention’ feature is enabled, requiring your eyes to be open for facial recognition to function properly.

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Apple has also addressed security concerns through an update.

iOS 16.4.1 has been released for compatible iPhones, including models from iPhone 8 onwards.

This update resolves vulnerabilities found in the previous software version (iOS 16.4) that could have allowed hackers to execute arbitrary code, gain access to private data, control device functionality and install malware.

By keeping your iPhone up to date with the latest software updates, you can mitigate potential security risks.

Taking these precautions and staying vigilant can help safeguard your privacy and ensure a more secure iPhone experience.

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