Jenna Ortega Praised For Pronouncing Rihanna’s Name And ‘Correcting 95% Of Us’

Jenna Ortega has been praised for correctly pronouncing Rihanna's name.
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Jenna Ortega has been praised for correctly pronouncing Rihanna’s name.

The 20-year-old actress was one of last year’s break-out stars after her leading role in the hit Netflix series Wednesday.

She’s also set to star in the upcoming Scream film.

Now though, it’s her pronunciation rather than her acting skills getting all the plaudits.

Watch Jenna Ortega correctly pronounce Rihanna’s name in the clip below…

At the Golden Globe Awards, the Wednesday Addams actress took to the stage to give out the award for Best Song in a Motion Picture.

Before announcing the winner – ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the film RRR – she went through the other nominees.

These included Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, who was nominated for her song ‘Life Me Up’ from the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

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However, it was Ortega’s pronunciation of Rihanna’s name that appeared to steal the show.

She correctly pronounced her name as ‘Ree-an-nah’, and not ‘Ree-awh-na’ as many previously thought.

TikTok user @sugeneshin_ admitted she – along with plenty of others – has been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.

Rihanna’s makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, seemingly loved the fact Ortega had pronounced it correctly and commented on one clip: “Miss Wednesday understood the assignment.”

Jenna Ortega has been praised for using the correct pronunciation when saying Rihanna’s name. Credit: Alamy

Fans have also been discussing how they have been pronouncing the ‘Work’ singer’s name on social media too.

One person says: “I’ve always said ‘ree-awn-uh’ are you serious.”

“Guilty for pronouncing it wrong,” adds a second.

Another user writes: “Oops, didn’t know it was pronounced like that.”

Someone else comments: “I’ve been pronouncing it wrong my whole life?!”

A fifth person, who shares the same name as the ‘Umbrella’ singer, adds: “As a fellow Rhianna, this is the correct way to pronounce our name.”

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However, others are claiming that this is how they have always pronounced her name and are insisting it’s common knowledge.

One person writes: “POV the British accent means England always pronounces it correctly.”

Another user claims: “Meanwhile, in Australia, we’ve been pronouncing it correctly the whole time.”

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A third adds: “Rihanna literally did an interview where she tells us this is how her name is pronounced but also she said as long as we pay her she doesn’t care.”

“I thought we all knew how to pronounce it right,” explains a fourth.

Someone else says: “So basically we‘ve been saying her name right all this time and just thought it was wrong?”

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