Expert Explains Why Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Appear To Age

An expert has explained why Jennifer Lopez doesn’t appear to age.
Credit: @jlo/Instagram & Alamy

An expert has explained why Jennifer Lopez doesn’t appear to age.

The ‘Jenny From The Block’ singer, 53, is one of the most recognisable celebrities in the world.

Whether it be for her hit songs or leading roles in films like Hustlers and Marry Me, Lopez has a huge legion of fans.

Incredibly, she doesn’t look much different now to how she did when she shot to fame in the 1990s.

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Now, YouTuber Dr Dray has explained how Lopez maintains her youthful appearance – and it isn’t botox.

She says: “There are many other factors that go into skin ageing.

“I think people are under the impression that getting botox, fillers and having cosmetic procedures is really why these people look so good. 

“And it’s more than that.”

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Dray then details some of the beauty products and methods that Lopez uses to protect her skin.

To keep skin looking and feeling its best, preventing UV ray damage from the sun is particularly important.

The doctor said: “The main factor is UV rays from the sun, and J-Lo is pretty vocal about the fact that since the age of 22, she has been really diligent with sunscreen.”

While admitting that she doesn’t know much about Lopez’s eating habits – Dray believes a balanced diet also benefits the ‘Let’s Get Loud’ singer’s looks.

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She says: “I don’t know what J-Lo’s diet is.

“But if we found out what her diet is, I don’t think people should follow it to a T.

“Everyone’s nutritional needs are unique to them and it’s not necessarily helpful to follow a celebrities diet, because they are going to have different nutritional needs.

“However, we know things that are good for the health of our skin include healthy fats, getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals, and vitamin C for building good healthy collagen.

“If you have a balanced diet you are going to get the nutritive requirements but if you survive on sugary processed foods that are not going to set you up for healthy skin.

“No amount of botox or fillers is going to change that.”

Jennifer Lopez
A skin expert has revealed the important factors that have helped Jennifer Lopez keep her youthful looks. Credit: @jlo/Instagram

Dray also cites exercise as a key to Lopez’s healthy skin.

She explains: “Another reason that she looks so good – I am willing to put money on it – is that she is very active.

“She exercises. She has said this in interviews.

“Have you ever been to one of her concerts? She dances a lot.”

The doctor also stresses the importance of being active, not just for skin, but for people’s overall well-being.

Unfortunately, looking like J-Lo isn’t solely down to a good skincare routine and time spent in the gym.

Dray says that genetics also play a part in the appearance of someone’s skin, playing a big ‘role in how quickly your skin will age’.

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She explains: “Things in our environment that contribute to ageing of the skin do so largely by generating free radicals that damage proteins and lipids in our skin and the DNA in our skin cells.

“We have different enzymes in our skin that help combat those free radicals. 

“Some people’s genes make it so that their enzymes are better perhaps.”

So, there you have it. If you want to look like Lopez, it’s all in the skincare, exercise and sadly, your genetic makeup. 

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