Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s Chilling Death Row Request Unearthed In Letter

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy had a chilling death row request that has been unearthed in a letter. Find out what it is here...
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Serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s chilling death row request has been unearthed in a never seen before letter.

Gacy was sentenced to death in 1980 after being found guilty of murdering 33 men and boys between 1970 and 1978.

He hid most of his victims’ bodies in the crawl space in his home in Chicago.

His crimes shocked those in the community as Gacy was known for performing in front of children and adults as Pogo the Clown.

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Gacy was ultimately killed by lethal injection in 1994.

However, before his death, he caught the attention of criminal profiler John Kelly – who has interviewed a number of serial killers.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Kelly described Gacy as a ‘s**ual serial killer’ and he was a registered s** offender prior to his murders.

The profiler also noted that he grew up with an abusive and alcoholic father.

He wanted to interview Gacy but when the killer became aware, he responded to him by sending a pamphlet that argued his innocence.

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He also sent a questionnaire full of personal questions that he wanted Kelly to answer.

This included asking Kelly for his date of birth, marital status and political orientation – along with his New Year’s resolution and his ‘current hero’.

Other questions encouraged a more extended response such as ‘If I were an animal I’d be’, ‘Friends like me because’, and ‘What I think of this country’.

Kelly was also asked about ‘thoughts on s**’ and what he was ‘thinking now’.

Gacy’s requests didn’t stop there, though, as he requested for Kelly to send a photo of himself.

John Wayne Gacy
John Wayne Gacy would send criminal profiler John Kelly letters while he was on death row. Credit: Netflix

In a letter from April 1993, Gacy said: “I received your letter and with regards to your request for an interview I will have to deny it.

“However if you want to submit some questions in writing, then I would be willing to answer them so long as they don’t deal with my case.

“In doing so whenever I talk with anyone I like to know who that is and some common facts about them enclosed is a bio sheet which you can fill out and return with a photo.”

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Kelly said that he viewed the requests as the killer’s attempt to gain leverage on him to try and convince him to argue for his innocence.

However, he never filled out the questionnaire as he believed Gacy was ‘trying to find ways to manipulate me’.

He says he came to this conclusion based on ‘the propaganda he wanted me to peddle for him’.

Kelly has shown the letter to friends over the years but didn’t make it public until recently – almost three decades after Gacy’s death.

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