Kim Kardashian’s ‘Hurtful’ Comment About Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Body Slammed By Fans

Kim Kardashian Kylie Pregnancy Body: The has been slammed for making a 'hurtful' comment about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy body. 
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Kim Kardashian, who was recently dubbed ‘repulsively tone deaf’ by Piers Morgan, is being slammed for making a ‘hurtful’ comment about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy body. 

The 41-year-old caused a stir in the first episode of The Kardashians, as it showed her discussing whether her younger sister would have a girl or boy for her second child.

Addressing Jenner, Kardashian said: “I think it’s a boy. You’re skinnier this way, you’re prettier than you were last time.”

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The camera then cut to the pair’s mum, Kris Jenner, who appeared shocked by the reality star’s words.

Confused, the 66-year-old asked: “How could she be any way prettier?”

In response, Kardashian said: “The girls take the beauty to give it to themselves. The boys know what’s up and they let you be a little bit prettier.”

After watching the show’s premiere episode, many took to Reddit and blasted the mum-of-four for referencing the old wives tale in regards to her younger sibling.

Outraged, one wrote: “Kim legit says the most Karen things ever.”

“It sounds like Kim is trying too hard to sound cooler and it’s annoying and hurtful. She’s starting to sound like the mum from Mean Girls in the worst way possible,” another commented. “I think she thinks it’s cute when in reality she sounds super shallow and just flat out weird.”

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A third mused: “The relationship these women will have with their teenage daughters will be…interesting. Kim and Khloe feel like the mums who compete against their daughter.”

“Old wives tale or not – Kim is someone who knows Kylie has some deep-rooted insecurities about her body. I would not be sharing that wives tales with someone who I know could take that to heart. Absolutely not. Kim knows better and that was insensitive,” a fourth penned.

After the show finished filming, Jenner welcomed a baby boy with her boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

Despite it being months since confirming his birth, the reality star still hasn’t confirmed his official name after changing it.

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