Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Split Has Fans Saying The Same Thing

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson announced they’d split after nine months of dating recently and fans have been expressing similar opinions on the breakup.

Following her high-profile split from rapper Kanye West, Kardashian shacked up with Davidson last year and despite loved-up TV and event appearances, fans have often noted erratic behaviour on the comedian’s behalf – most notably having the initials of the reality star’s four children tattooed on his neck. 

Now, fans on Reddit believe Kardashian may have used Davidson as a ‘rebound,’ with one person writing: “Pete is a toxic addict who love bombs every victim who gets stuck with him while he d***s around.”

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“His best pals: MGK and that ugly dude from SNL. MGK threatened suicide to try to get Megan Fox to stay. That dude from SNL cheated on his wife and had a brand new baby with his mistress after a rehab stint.

“He did it to Cazzie, he did it to Ariana, he did it to Kim.

“Kim just wanted some rebound d*ck and he covered himself with gorilla glue and flung himself at her. He guilt tripped her by quitting his job and moving to LA.

“He’s a grade A d****e who emotionally abuses women just like his best friends.”

“If I were in her shoes, I would date him in secret. I don’t want to be telling the world about my rebound s***.

“It’s a sure-fire off-the-rails relationship. I guess she’s monetised her hookup with Pete, to the detriment of her status and reputation.

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“She should understand by now that the hookup culture can be brutal and someone’s gonna come out hurt if you don’t play it right and catch feelings.

“Pete is still a f***boi in his 20s. He ain’t gonna behave. He has his own issues to sort out before he can be in a healthy relationship.”

Some disagreed, however, with one reply saying: “Didn’t she make it clear she pursued him?”

Another wrote: “He is problematic, but so is Kim for dating him. She is a grown woman with children. Once again she made a choice to get maximum attention. 

“She went on Ellen to try and glorify his f***ing up behaviour.”

A third said: “when the response to the tattoos/branding was not positive it was the beginning of the end for Kim and Peter in my opinion.”

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