MrBeast’s Friend Kris Tyson Shares Her Girl Voice As She Explains The Process Behind Getting It

Kris Tyson has revealed her girl voice for the first time, as she also explains the process behind getting it. 
Credit: AnthonyPadilla via YouTube

Kris Tyson has revealed her girl voice for the first time, as she also explains the process behind getting it. 

Tyson, 27, is an American YouTube celebrity who is best known for co-hosting the MrBeast YouTube channel.

She’s participated in a ton of the channel’s challenges and prank videos that MrBeast makes.

This year, Tyson appeared on Anthony Padilla’s YouTube channel and revealed that she now goes by the name Kris and is a trans woman.

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“I have never said that public, no. But, I’ve been fully confident in that decision for over a year now. My idea was to play catchup with the internet in the way that I discover myself,” the YouTuber said.

“Six, seven, eight months ago my hair started growing out, all these kinds of things. I wasn’t quite sure exactly who I was yet, but I knew I was not cis-gendered.

“I needed the freedom to express myself and figure out who I was.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Tyson said that she is ‘proud of who I was and how I’ve gotten here’ and that she’s looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

Kris Tyson
Kris Tyson has revealed her girl voice for the time, as she also explains the process behind getting it. Credit: @chris_thememegod/Instagram

Over time, Tyson has become more and more open about her transition and in her interview with Padilla, she opens up about using a ‘girl voice’.

When the YouTuber asked if she had changed her voice, MrBeast’s friend responded: “I am working on it. I’m gonna say a sentence but I’ll kind of also show you like the process I have to do.

“I’m in a newer stage, I’ve only been going for a little bit so it’s easier for me to find that feminine voice by doing a warm-up. It sounds goofy.”

Referencing the scrutiny she’s faced, Tyson went on to say: “It won’t sound perfect. It probably will get picked on a little bit.

“But that’s kinda what I like doing is showing people the real, the rawness of it.”

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Tyson’s ‘warm-up’ involved making the ‘Hee’ sound and then in a softer tone of voice, she said to Padilla: “Hey Anthony, congratulations on buying Smosh.”

Laughing, Padilla praised: “That was good!”

@anthonypadilla @Chris Tyson ♬ original sound – Anthony Padilla

Many people have taken to social media and gushed over Tyson showing her true self.

One fan writes: “She’s so beautiful, I’m so proud of her.”

A second says: “I’m glad Kris is feeling much more comfortable in her own skin. A lot of people here are being really supportive, which I’m proud to see.”

“She’s so pretty! I grew up watching her, seeing her like this makes me so happy,” somebody else comments.

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