Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Spark Backlash By Taking Separate Private Jets To Same Place

Kylie Jenner and her partner, Travis Scott, have been slammed for taking private jets to the same place.
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Kylie Jenner and her partner Travis Scott have been slammed for taking separate private jets to the same place. 

The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 25, reportedly purchased her private jet in 2020.

The Global Express jet, which she renamed Kylie Air, is believed to have cost her a staggering $72.8 million.

The aircraft boasts a seven-course dinner menu and even has an entertainment suite.

However, since owning the lavish jet, Jenner has faced a lot of criticism on social media over using it on short journeys.

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Previously, the Kylie Baby owner has been called out for taking a 30-minute flight from Calabasas to Palm Springs.

Jenner also took to Instagram in July and uploaded a photo of her and Scott standing in between two private jets, alongside the caption: “You wanna take mine or yours?”

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The youngest star of The Kardashians was quickly called out for bragging, while others branded her a ‘full-time climate criminal’.

This has led to people tracking the journeys that Jenner’s private jet has taken, with some flights allegedly taking less than 15 mins.

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Reportedly, the reality star’s jet took off from Miami to Van Nuys, California on December 3. 

Just a day later, Scott’s jet was recorded making the exact same journey.

This was shared by the popular Twitter page Celeb Jets, which tracks the planes owned by celebrities.

After seeing the reports, people are criticising the couple’s lack of awareness regarding the planet. 

One person on Reddit writes: “Why aren’t they travelling together in the same jet if they are literally leaving the same place and going to the same destination?”

“How do they not feel bad for the planet?” questions someone else.

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While a third user says: “Does she not realise this is the same planet her kids have to live on too?

“Like fine, they obviously don’t give a f*** about anyone else but their kids are going to suffer from global warming too.

“I don’t know these people are unimaginably selfish.”

“They’re so rich that they can afford to insulate themselves from most effects of climate change,” a fourth remarks. 

However, some fans have defended the couple, arguing that it makes sense they would have two jets take them on journeys, as they will have big entourages.

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Defending the pair, one person comments: “I think it’s because they both have wildly different friend groups they are financially responsible for.”

Another user says: “I would imagine that they have their own teams of people, amongst other things.

“The amount of clothes, shoes, security, makeup, videographers, etc that she travels with most likely needs its own plane.”

A third writes: “Probably have teams and a lot of support people.. not that it matters.”

It is not clear whether Jenner and Scott were onboard their respective jets, but they were reportedly spotted together at a party in Miami over the weekend.

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