Kylie Jenner Legally Changes 16-Month-Old Son Aire’s Name

Kylie Jenner has legally changed her 16-month-old son's name. 
Credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has legally changed her 16-month-old son Aire’s name. 

The Kardashians star, 26, gave birth to her second child with Travis Scott in February of last year.

Originally, the former couple settled on the name Wolf Jacques Webster, however, they later made the decision that it wasn’t quite right.

After changing their mind, Jenner took to Instagram and told fans: “We just really didn’t feel like it was him.

“Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”

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Earlier this year, Jenner then revealed that she had decided to name her son Aire Webster, with his middle name being dropped.

And finally, new court documents have disclosed that the ex-couple has been legally granted permission for the new name for their one-year-old.

The documents, obtained by E! News, reveal that Jenner and Scott filed for the name change back in March and the change was granted last Thursday.

Kylie Jenner and Aire.
Kylie Jenner has legally changed her 16-month-old son Aire’s name. Credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

The Kylie Cosmetics founder has confirmed that the pronunciation of Aire is ‘air’ and in Hebrew, it means ‘lion of God’.

Previously, Jenner has been trolled over changing her son’s name to Aire.

Journalist Antoinette Lattouf took to Twitter and questioned whether the reality TV star is aware that Aire in Arabic slang translates to ‘my p**nis’.

At the time, she tweeted: “Umm, should someone tell Kylie Jenner she renamed her son Aire, which is a common Arabic expression for ‘my p**is’ or nah?”

She went on to remark: “Anyway, I doubt many people have noticed. After all, Arabic is only spoken by around 415 million people.”

Aire Webster
Aire Webster’s name was originally Wolf Jacques Webster. Credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Many people took to the comment and reacted to the journalist’s tweet, with one person commenting: “That was my first reaction…she named her kid what?!”

Another added: “That poor kid is going to be renamed again.”

While someone else questioned: “Doesn’t she have Arab friends?

“At some point, this kid is going to end up in the Middle East and no one is going to call him by his real name.

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“Who approved this? Like I know celebrities give their kids weird names, but this just takes it to a whole other weird level.”

The Urban Dictionary says the name ‘Ayre’ can mean ‘p**nis depending on its use’. But it can also be ‘Arabic for best friend’.

Jenner and Scott had an on-off relationship from 2013 to 2023. The pair called it quits in January of this year and sources cite incompatibility as why they broke it off.

A source told People at the time of their split: “Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business. She is not a big partier.

“Travis is the opposite. He likes to party.”

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