Lana Rhoades Speaks Out About The Worst Scene She Was Ever Asked To Film

Lana Rhoades has spoken out about the worst scene she was ever asked to film. 
Credit: Lana Rhoades via Facebook

Lana Rhoades has spoken out about the worst scene she was ever asked to film. 

Rhoades, 26, became one of the world’s most popular adult film stars before quitting the industry in 2021.

Following her exit, she’s hit the headlines for speaking out against the business – branding it ‘unglamorous’ and saying should be banned.

Although Rhoades only spent a short time in the industry, it had a profound impact on her mental health.

She’s now revealed that one scene was particularly ‘disgusting’ and ‘foul’ for her to make.

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Rhoades discusses the ordeal while co-hosting the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast alongside Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Recalling the incident, the influencer says: “One of the worst… honestly, I feel like I’m in denial sometimes and I can’t accept some of the things that I’ve done.

“There was one thing that, y’know, I tried talking to a therapist about something that I had to do for a scene that was really rough for me.

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“Basically, this guy had a bowl and he, like, gagged me until I threw up into it and he, like, p****d in the bowl.

“During the scene, he asked me to drink it, and I didn’t know how to say no.

“It was one of the most disgusting, foul scenes.”

After hearing Rhoades’ stories from her time in the industry, people have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

One person pens: “I feel so sorry for her, she was young and yeah sure she ‘chose’ to be in it but at what cost?

“Like some things, you just don’t do to another human being.”

Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades has spoken out about the worst scene she was ever asked to film. Credit: Lana Rhoades via Facebook

Another adds: “Kinda feel bad for her.”

While a third person comments: “Yikes, I feel for her.”

“That’s messed up and nobody talks about it,” someone else remarks.

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This isn’t the only time that Rhoades has called out the adult film industry.

Appearing on The Skinny Confidential podcast, she claims that it’s ‘100% fake’.

She tells podcast host Lauryn Evarts: “It’s like circus acts as a performer, when I was doing it, it was like what face can I make?

“What sound could I make? What can I do in this movie to make it the best one?”

Rhoades goes on to say that she ‘wasn’t mature enough’ when she started out in the adult film business and didn’t think through what went into it.

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