Ex-Adult Star Lana Rhoades Wants All Her Videos Deleted From The Internet

Former adult star Lana Rhoades wants all her videos deleted from the internet, which she sadly doesn't have the rights to do.
Credit: Lana Rhoades via Facebook

The former adult star has opened up about the industry’s long-lasting effects on her life and mental health while saying she wants all her videos to be removed from the internet. 

Lana Rhoades appeared on the Tap In podcast and chatted to Harry Jowsey about how she wishes she could go back and delete the clips – which she sadly doesn’t have the rights to do.

She explained: “A lot of the videos I have no rights under, otherwise I probably would have deleted them all by now.”

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When the former adult star was then asked whether she regrets her time in the industry, the influencer responded: “I do. I honestly tell people, if I could go back, I would give up everything to have my dignity and respect back, and for people not to be able to see me in that way.”

This isn’t the first that Rhoades hasn’t spoken out about her time in the industry and her call for changes.

Previously, the mum-of-one has opened up about the worst scene she was ever asked to film.

Lana Rhoades on Tap In.
The former adult star wants her videos to be removed from the internet. Credit: Tap In via YouTube

On the 3 Girls 1 Podcast, the former adult star she revealed that she ended up talking to a therapist about the ‘really rough’ time.

She recalled: “Basically, this guy had a bowl and he, like, gagged me until I threw up into it and he, like, p***ed in the bowl.

“During the scene, he asked me to drink it, and I didn’t know how to say no.

“It was one of the most disgusting, foul scenes.”

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During an appearance on The Skinny Confidential podcast, Rhoades opened up further and revealed that she when she joined the adult film industry, she wasn’t entirely sure what she was signing up for.

The former adult star recalled: “I also had only slept with one person at this point. So, I was very s**ually inexperienced.

“That’s why and for whatever reason I never comprehended like to do p*** you actually have to have s** with people.”

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