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Married At First Sight Fans In Tears As Show’s First Trans Bride Walks Down Aisle

MAFS fans have been left emotional after watching the reality TV show's first transgender bride walk down the aisle.
Credit: Channel 4

Married At First Sight fans have been left emotional after watching the reality TV show’s first transgender bride walk down the aisle. 

MAFS is a series that involves a group of experts matching couples based on scientific and sociological factors.

It involves the chosen couples agreeing to marry without knowing about their suitor.

After six weeks, the married couple must decide whether to stay together or go their separate ways.

In the latest series of the UK version, history has been made as the show’s first trans bride, Ella Morgan Clark, has graced the screen.

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The clinic consultant revealed that she has found dating as a trans woman incredibly difficult and so she needed the help of the experts.

Before her big day, Clark acknowledged in the E4 show that she was very nervous about who she would be matched with.

This led to an emotional moment when the clinic consultant walked down the aisle and met her groom, Nathanial Valentino.

You may recognise the name Valentino, as he’s no stranger to reality TV, having appeared on Geordie Shore.

To the delight of viewers, Clark and Valentino instantly hit it off as they exchanged vows.

Ella Morgan Clark on her wedding day.
Ella Morgan Clark is the first transgender bride to appear on MAFS. Credit: Channel 4

Many viewers have taken to the comments and reacted to the tearjerking moment, with one penning: “I’m a little bit in love with Ella’s family, they seem so lovely and supportive of her.

“And when dad saw his little girl dressed like a princess, I cried with him, he was so proud. It was so beautiful and heartwarming.”

Another adds: “Solid work from Nathanial reassuring Ella when she needed a little support.”

“I’m crying as much as her dad. They look fab together and dad looks so relieved,” somebody else writes.

During the newlywed’s reception, Clark sat down with Valentino and opened up to him, telling him she was born a boy.

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The bride was visibly shocked at the groom’s positive reaction, as he also shared that he is pansexual.

Pansexuality is a s**ual, romantic or emotional attraction towards people of all genders – regardless of their s** or gender identity.

After the couple’s heart-to-heart, Clark said: “All that worry and all that stress and he doesn’t care. I finally feel that I have been accepted and this is all I have ever wanted.”

Prior to appearing on the TV show, the clinical consultant told The Mirror: “I could just never find anyone who wanted to accept me for me. I never thought that anyone would ever want to marry me. I just didn’t think as a society anyone would accept me and want to spend the rest of their lives with me.”

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