Martha Stewart Reveals Why She Doesn’t Wear Underwear

Martha Stewart has revealed she doesn't wear underwear - and shared the surprising reason as to why.
Credit: Alamy & @marthastewart48/Instagram

Martha Stewart has revealed the surprising reason why she never wears underwear…

The 82-year-old lifestyle guru is known for being pretty candid.

Remember when there were bizarre rumours about her dating Pete Davidson? Or how about her unlikely friendship with Snoop Dogg?

But now, Stewart has gone viral for quite a different reason…

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Stewart has admitted that she never wears underwear, and fans have been left stunned.

One fan writes: “Lord, why do people feel a need to share this stuff?”

Another quips: “Swell. Now I’m going to have a Martha Stewart underwear brainworm with me for the rest of the day.”

Stewart has always been open about dressing exactly how she wants – and that includes eschewing the usual rules for underwear.

She’s previously opened up to Page Six about the concept of ‘dressing for one’s age’.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart has revealed that she doesn’t wear underwear! Credit: Alamy

“Dressing for whose age?” she quipped.

“I don’t think about age. I think people are more and more and more [fabulous] than they’ve ever been in their senior years, and I applaud every one of them.”

“I’ve dressed the same since I was 17,” she added. “If you look at my pictures on my Instagram, I look pretty much the same.”

But Stewart has made another shocking revelation about her personal style.

In a groundbreaking interview with Page Six, Stewart revealed she never wears underwear.

Stewart spoke to the publication at the Old Bags Luncheon in West Palm Springs, Florida, an annual event that serves as the primary fundraiser for the Family Services of Palm Beach County.

It was the 25th anniversary, making it the Silver Jubilee.

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Stewart said: “I don’t wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no Skims for Martha.”

She also revealed she makes a rather unusual substitution, confirming: “Bathing suits are my underwear.

“I like bathing suits. I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming.

“I love Skims. I think they serve a very good purpose – but I don’t wear those. I only wear Eres bathing suits under my clothes.”

Stewart then has a minor panic about offending Kim Kardashian.

“Is Kim Kardashian going to be mad at me?” she asked.

But Stewart then decided: “No, she won’t be mad at me. She knows I don’t wear Skims.”

It’s not a huge surprise that Stewart favours a bathing suit, as she famously posed in one on the cover of Sports Illustrated last year.

81 at the time of the shoot, she is the oldest cover model in the magazine’s history!

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