McDonald’s Loaded Fries Hack Is Going Viral On TikTok

The McDonald's loaded fries hack is going viral on TikTok.
Credit: @dorianjessica/TikTok

The McDonald’s loaded fries hack is going viral on TikTok.

The fast-food chain has some iconic items on its menu including the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder and McNuggets – which now has four new dipping sauces.

McDonald’s also has some mouthwatering new additions available to customers, including the Steakhouse Stack Burger – which already has customers branding it the restaurant’s ‘best-ever dish’.

Plus, some refreshing summer drinks have dropped on the menu, including the Strawberries & Cream Frappé and Iced Latte.

Despite its wide range of choices, this hasn’t stopped fans from experimenting with their own McDonald’s dishes.

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Woman making McDonald's loaded fries.
People are taking to social media and sharing their versions of McDonald’s loaded fries. Credit: @dorianjessica/TikTok

One trend that is taking social media by storm at the moment is the McDonald’s loaded fries. So if you want to find what you’ll need and how to make them then read below:

McDonald’s Loaded Fries: How do I make them?

The key ingredients for this viral dish are fries, chicken nuggets (or chicken selects), pickles and slices of cheese – along with a sauce of your choice.

Once you have everything, you break it all up and put it into a container.

Some influencers bring their own Tupperware while others have made the dish in the McDonald’s box.

You then cover it up with a lid and shake it all together before topping it with your favourite sauces.


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The results look unbelievable and some people have taken it one step further by adding even further stuff to their loaded fries.

Other variations that have gone viral include torn-up beef burgers, melted cheese and shredded Chicken Big Macs.

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