McDonald’s Monopoly 2022: How Long Does It Last And What Are The Prizes?

McDonald's Monopoly game 2022.
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A Big Mac or a Chicken Legend meal has never been more exciting as McDonald’s bring back its famous Monopoly game.

McDonald’s Monopoly game has returned for 2022 and fans of the fast-food chain are very happy with the prizes on offer this time around.

Those golden arches are delivering big on the winnings this year as its unveiled some of its best prizes yet – and customers have a whole six weeks to try and win them.

For those of you who’ve never heard of McDonald’s Monopoly, or are looking to participate for the first time, you simply have to head to your local restaurant, buy a participating meal from the menu like a Big Mac or McPlant burger, and unveil whether you’ve won a prize.

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Some of the wins are instant, such as a free meal, where as the bigger winnings will require you to claim. You can also collect stickers for your Monopoly card (can also be done via the app) to help win bigger prizes.

So what are this year’s big wins? And how long does the game last for? Here are all the important details.

McDonald's sign
McDonald’s is offering huge cash sums as part of its Monopoly prizes for 2022. Credit: Alamy

What are the McDonald’s Monopoly prizes for 2022?

The fast-food chain has promised to give away ‘millions of prizes’ over the years the competition has run which includes anything from free McDonald’s meals to holidays.

For 2022, some of the prizes up for grabs are:

£100k Cash
MINI Electric Car
£2k Holiday with TUI
See Tickets £250 Events Voucher £1,000 spend on Home Entertainment
Grind True Wireless Earbuds from Skullcandy
Experience Day with Buyagift
Nintendo Switch from Zavvi

Some of the instant wins this year are pretty cool too including:
£2k Holiday with TUI
£1,000 Cash
McDonald’s Gold Card – A Meal Per Week For A Year
£200 for Passing Go!
Experience Day with Buyagift
McDonald’s Bean Bag
Pair of cinema tickets

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McDonald's Chicken Big Mac.
McDonald’s meals will feature the Monopoly tickets for your chance to win. Credit: McDonald’s

How long is McDonald’s Monopoly running for?

The game officially began on September 7 and like previous years, it will run for six weeks.

This means the McDonald’s Monopoly game of 2022 ends on Tuesday, October 18.

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