Woman Discovers Birthday Cakes On McDonald’s ‘Secret’ Menu

McDonald's Birthday Cake: A woman has discovered a 'secret' food item on the menu.
Credit: Alamy & @kayrock93/TikTok

A woman has discovered that McDonald’s has a ‘secret’ menu that includes birthday cakes. 

Kayleigh Weeks, who has over 32,000 followers on TikTok, has blown the minds of fast-food lovers after sharing a clip of the sweet treat.

In the viral video, the American shows herself buying and unboxing the dessert, which has a layer of icing and an image of Ronald McDonald on it.

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The woman discovered that McDonald’s has a ‘secret’ menu that includes birthday cakes. Credit: @kayrock93/TikTok

Hundreds have taken to the comments and insisted that the ‘secret’ birthday cake is ‘fake,’ as they’ve never heard of it before.

Suspicious, one TikToker wrote: “You didn’t show the top of the recipe where it would say McDonald’s, you’re sus.”

Another added: “Why did he cover the top of the receipt?”

“No they do not,” a third insisted.

However, others have ‘confirmed’ that the cake is real, with one writing: “I get one every year. Even the employees are confused and I have to ask them to get the manager and then they’re in shock.”

“They do,” a second agreed. “It comes in chocolate or vanilla.”

Another TikToker pitched in, commenting: “I’m for sure getting one of these.”

@kayrock93 Here ya go guys! Bought another one ?#cake #mcdonalds #fyp #foryourpage #viral ♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber

A former McDonald’s employee also weighed in on the discussion, saying: “Yes, but they’re never normally sold to the public.

“We always have to order them and when the truck comes they’re frozen.”

On the fast-food chain’s website, it does actually state that there’s a 700g chocolate cake available to order for $26. Yet on the UK version of the site, it isn’t mentioned.

There’s only one way to find out!

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