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McDonald’s Vegetarian And Vegan Menu: What You Need To Know

McDonald's vegetarian and vegan menu.
Credit: Alamy & McDonald's

McDonald’s is a popular fast-food spot for grabbing a Big Mac or tucking into a Chicken Legend, but what is available for vegetarian and vegan customers on the menu? Let’s find out…

Although many people think of McDonald’s and immediately jump to meaty burgers, the eatery is now focusing on making more ethical and sustainable meals that everyone can enjoy.

Without having to sacrifice any dietary requirements, customers now have plenty of choices with vegetarian and vegan options available for both a McDonald’s lunch and breakfast.

McDonald’s has vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. Credit: McDonald’s

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Just like the regular menu, there is a choice of burgers and wraps for you to enjoy even if you don’t eat meat or dairy, so there really is no need to miss out.

Here’s everything you need to know about the vegetarian and vegan menu in the UK including the breakfast options:

McDonald’s Vegetarian And Vegan Menu UK: What’s on offer

What is vegetarian on the McDonald’s menu?

Vegetable Deluxe

The Vegetable Deluxe (which isn’t suitable for vegans) is formed of red pesto veggie goujons, sandwich sauce, shredded lettuce and a sesame-topped bun.

It is £3.79.


Vegetarians will also be able to satisfy their sweet tooth as McFlurries have made it onto the menu.

Available in Smarties, Oreo and Malteaser flavours, a McFlurry costs £1.19. However, you can order a mini version for just 99p.

Unfortunately, none of the McFlurries are suitable for vegans.


There are a variety of hot and fizzy drinks on the McDonald’s menu and fortunately, the majority made it onto the veggie menu.

Vegetarians can choose from black coffee to Coca-Cola and even milkshakes.

Many of the fizzy drinks are also available on the vegan menu, as well as Robinsons Fruit Shoot.

What is vegan on the McDonald’s menu?

McPlant Burger

Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society, the McPlant Burger is made up of a Beyond Meat patty vegan cheese, salad and a vegan burger sauce in a sesame seed burger bun.

It costs £3.79.

The Spicy Veggie One

Vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society, the Spicy Veggie One has spicy relish, crisp lettuce, red onion and tomato and yummy vegetable dippers in a toasted tortilla wrap.

It’s available for McDonald’s customers to order every Monday and Thursday.

It costs £3.89 but if ordered as a medium size meal, it comes to £5.39.

Fruit Bags

On the McDonald’s vegan menu, customers will be able to find the Apple & Fruit Grape and the Carrot Bag. Both make for a healthier alternative to a side of fries and are great for on the go!

McDonald's fries.
McDonald’s fries are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Credit: Alamy

Veggie Dippers

Veggie Dippers come in two or four pieces and can be ordered on their own, in a meal or as a Happy Meal.

Coated in golden breadcrumbs, the Veggie Dippers are made up of red pepper and sun-dried tomato pesto.

They cost £3.79 but in a Happy Meal, they total £3.19. As a regular meal, they are priced at £5.29.

McDonald’s Fries

McDonald’s fans will be pleased to know the fries are both meat and dairy free.

The cost varies depending on the size you order. However, you won’t end up spending more than £1.69 on the tasty side meal.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu UK: What is available for vegetarians and vegans?

For those early birds out there, it’s worth adding that McDonald’s also has some yummy breakfast options on the vegetarian and vegan menu, which will make the start of your day that little bit easier.

What is vegetarian on the McDonald’s breakfast menu?

Pancakes & Syrup

For those with a sweet tooth, pancakes are the perfect veggie way to start the day. However, they are not vegan. They cost just £2.99.

McDonald's pancakes.
McDonald’s Pancake & Syrup option is vegetarian friendly. Credit: McDonald’s

Berry & Granola Yoghurt

The Berry & Granola Yoghurt is a Greek-style yoghurt pot that is made up of granola and mixed berry compote.

The new menu addition is only available at select McDonald’s restaurants.

It will set customers back £2.49.


In select stores, vegetarian customers can also select porridge from the menu and it’s just £1.49.

What is vegan on the McDonald’s breakfast menu?

Hash Brown

Available on the vegetarian and vegan menu, McDonald’s hash brown is the perfect side snack for your Maccy’s breakfast.

It’s available to order every morning till 11am for just 99p.

Watch this Russian McDonald’s fan chain himself to the fast-food restaurant in the clip below…

McDonald’s fans may also be interested in knowing that the fast-food chain has now launched an adult version of the Happy Meal.

Apparently, there’s also a ‘secret’ birthday cake on the restaurant’s menu and hardly anyone knows about it.

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