McDonald’s Worker Quits In The Middle Of His Shift After Being Asked To Clean

A McDonald's worker has gone viral after appearing to quit his job mid-shift.
Credit: @fionnmccallum470/TikTok

A McDonald’s worker has gone viral after claiming he quit his job in the middle of a shift.

We’ve all had jobs where we’ve been asked to do something we hate, but in most cases, we’ve just had to grin and bear it.

However, New Zealand student Fionn McCallum has made it clear that he is not one of those people.

When asked to clean up some cooking equipment, he filmed himself making an abrupt exit and his TikTok video is now dividing the internet.

Watch the moment the Mcdonald’s worker quits his job mid-shift…

It all started when McCallum took to the social media platform and uploaded the footage.

He captioned the post: “They really thought I was going to clean that.”

In the clip, the student can be seen in the back area of the McDonald’s restaurant and looking into the camera, he says: “I ain’t cleaning that.”

McCallum records the back area of the kitchen, where a huge sink can be seen filled with what appears to be cooking equipment.

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He then films himself walking into another room, where he speaks to his manager.

Smiling, he declares: “Ashley, I quit.”

While his manager appears to yell in the background, McCallum continues to call out: “I quit, I quit.”

Walking into the front of the restaurant, he claims: “I’m leaving Maccas.”

Since being uploaded on TikTok, the clip has accumulated more than 3.4 million views and over 550,000 likes.

McDonald's worker appears to quit over cleaning.
The McDonald’s worker has gone viral after appearing to quit his job mid-shift. Credit: @fionnmccallum470/TikTok

Many people have taken to the comments and criticised the student for appearing to be unwilling to do his job.

“That doesn’t seem all that crazy, it’ll take like 20 min tops,” one insisted.

Another added: “That ain’t even that much.”

“Finds job, doesn’t work, then complains…,” a third wrote.

Sarcastically, a fourth said: “Great work ethic.”

“Bruh I worked at Maccas and that was a normal amount,” another claimed.

Someone else commented: “‘How dare I have to work’.”

However, others have taken to the comments and defended the student, with some arguing it’s not pleasant work for the amount of money he will make.

One said: “Yeah it’s not that much but for minimum wage.”

In agreement, a second said: “The pay ain’t worth it mate.”

“For the better mate, never go back,” another advised.

While someone else commented: “I am not paid enough for that.”

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At this moment in time, it’s unclear whether McCallum has genuinely quit his job or whether the video was some kind of stunt.

However, he has taken to TikTok and addressed the publicity his post has received.

In a follow-up video in which he’s sat beside a friend, he says: “Just driving, driving back from the arcade and it came to our attention that a few specific news sources have posted me on their websites.”

He then listed various news outlets that have covered his video.

Referencing the hype, the student commented: “It’s kinda weird, kinda crazy. But you know, as I say, catch you on the flip side b****.”

It’s Gone Viral has reached out to McDonald’s for comment.

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