Michael Jackson’s Ex Bodyguard Shares Sad Truth Behind Pop Icon’s Nose Surgeries

Michael Jackson's ex-bodyguard has revealed the truth behind the pop icon's nose surgeries. Find out more information here...
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Michael Jackson‘s ex-bodyguard has revealed the tragic truth behind the pop star’s multiple nose surgeries.

The ‘Smooth Criminal’ singer, who passed away aged 50 in 2009, created some of the biggest songs of the 20th century.

But outside of his musical genius, there were controversies that haunted Jackson’s troubled life.

His relationships, issues with prescription drugs, and ever-changing appearance all kept the internet talking about Jackson long after his passing.

And now, Jackson’s ex-bodyguard has revealed the real reason behind his extreme nose surgeries.

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Matt Fiddes, who worked with the star for more than a decade, appeared on a recent episode of The Steven Sulley Study podcast to discuss his time with Jackson.

And during his groundbreaking interview, which has since gone viral on TikTok, he opened up about Jackson’s plastic surgeries.

“I don’t know how many operations he had. It’s not a discussion I went into detail with him on but clearly he’s had operations on his nose,” he tells host Steven Sulley.

He goes on: “Back then plastic surgery or Botox, we couldn’t talk about it.

“It just wasn’t a thing so he had to maintain this image because he had record companies behind him who paid his billions.”

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson’s ex-bodyguard has opened up about the star’s many surgeries. Credit: Alamy

Jackson’s surgery journey was well-documented, with some theorising he was trying to distance himself from his father.

It’s believed he had had more than 100 procedures in his lifetime.

Fiddes believes Jackson used his extreme look to play with the press, saying: “In the end, he would play on that. A lot of times how the media would have seen him is not how I would have seen him.

“He would make himself look ridiculous to wind the media up.”

Fiddes also revealed the true, tragic reason why Jackson began his nose surgery journey…

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Fiddes explains that his natural nose was a major area of self-consciousness for Jackson, saying: “He used to get teased by his family a lot over the size of his nose – being called big nose and all of this stuff.”

He continues: “He used to say his dad used to be the main one – ‘You didn’t get that from me, you got that from your mom, you didn’t get that from my side of the family’ – it hurt him a lot.”

But it wasn’t just insecurity which prompted Jackson to get his first nose job.

Jackson actually sustained a facial injury which struck him as the perfect opportunity to go under the knife.

“Michael used to dance about three hours a day on average. At one stage he was doing 50 spins in a row – it was unbelievable,” Fiddes adds.

“He fell over and broke his nose and he saw it as the perfect opportunity while he was under anaesthetic to just get a smaller nose.”

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