Mum Sues Snapchat After Bullied Son Takes Own Life

Mum sues Snapchat after son's death.
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A mum is suing Snapchat after her son took his own life after being relentlessly bullied on the app. 

Carson Bride’s mother, Kristin, is arguing that the social media platform – and its sister platforms YOLO and LMK – facilitates bullying and broke the consumer protection law, reports LA Times

Kristin’s lawyers have now released a statement which reads: “The high school students who anonymously cyberbullied Carson will live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.

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The mum decided to sue Snapchat as she believes it’s responsible for her son’s tragic death. Credit: Unsplash

“However, it is the executives at Snapchat, YOLO, and LMK irresponsibly putting profits over the mental health of young people who ultimately need to be held accountable.”

The federal lawsuit, which was filed earlier this month, states that Carson was the victim of abusive messages which referenced specific incidents at high school, alongside comments of a sexual nature.

YOLO allows users to send anonymous messages, which meant that the teenager could never officially identify the bullies, even though he had his suspicions. 

It’s claimed that the platform made it impossible for Carson to reply back to the messages without it becoming public, which would potentially have caused further humiliation. 

Following the teen’s tragic death, Carson’s parents allege they’ve tried contacting YOLO and requested the platform to remove the bullies from the site. But they have yet to receive a reply. 

As a result, the lawsuit wants Snapchat to be considered a ‘dangerous product’ and the co-defendants are seeking damage costs.

So far, Snapchat has is yet to comment on the case. However, the company guidelines state it doesn’t allow ‘violence, harassment, bullying, hate speech, threats and/or self-harm’.

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