One Of The Most Underrated Horror Films Of All Time Has Dropped On Netflix

One of the most underrated horror films of all time, It Follows, has dropped on the streaming service.
Credit: Northern Lights Films

One of the most underrated horror films of all time has dropped on the streaming service.

Netflix has a reputation for giving classic – but maybe underappreciated – movies a second life on its platform.

A whole new audience has recently been introduced to the Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro film Cop Land, while other viewers have just discovered the 2011 movie In Time – which they say has eerily predicted the world we live in today.

But now another film has dropped on Netflix and it is being hailed as one of the most underrated horrors of all time.

Watch the trailer for the film here…

It Follows is a story about a young woman who sleeps with her boyfriend for the first time – but she then finds that she is now being haunted by a mysterious supernatural entity which is passed on through s**ual intercourse.

The cast involves Maika Monroe (The Guest) and Jake Weary (Animal Kingdom) and is directed by David Robert Mitchell (Under The Silver Lake).

Upon its release in 2014, it grossed an impressive $23.3 million at the box office against a budget of $1.3 million and it has a phenomenal 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Critics at the time praised It Follows for its smart storytelling and the lasting impact it leaves on viewers.

Now that the film has dropped on Netflix, viewers have taken to social media to react to it.

One person says: “This was definitely creepy, scariest movie I’ve seen in years.”

“I was paranoid for days after watching,” admits someone else.

A third viewer pens: “It Follows is truly the best horror movie of modern times. They don’t need all of the gore that slasher films rely on.

It Follows
It Follows is an underrated horror that is now available on Netflix. Credit: Northern Lights Films

“This is a beautiful film and yes it is scary, especially if you are currently dating lol.”

Another fan adds: “This movie is awesome, seriously give it a watch. Totally underrated.”

“This movie has haunted me for a long long time,” says a fifth.

Despite its popularity and success at the box office, there has never been a sequel to It Follows.

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Speaking to Slate, director Mitchell shared that while he did have ideas about where a second film could go – and would be open to it – he simply wanted to pursue other projects.

He explained: “I have a lot of different kinds of projects in many different genres, so I don’t know that a sequel would be the next thing that I would do, but I’m certainly open to it. I just kinda want to see how things play out.

“But I do want to say that when I wrote this, I had some bigger setpieces, a few things that I sort of simplified, and some stuff that we chose to cut out because of the budget and time, so there are all kinds of fun things that could be done with this concept and story.”

It Follows is now available to stream on Netflix. 

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