New Netflix Film Is Making People So Anxious From Start To Finish

Nowhere on Netflix is leaving viewers anxious from start to finish.
Credit: Netflix

A new film that has debuted on Netflix is leaving viewers anxious from start to finish.

As we are all familiar with the streaming service, we know that it has a catalogue of hits – whether it be a mainstream blockbuster, a hidden gem or even an original film made by Netflix.

From Hollywood films such as Evil Dead Rise to The Little Things to originals such as The Irishman, viewers are spoilt for choice with what is available to them.

Fans have now unearthed a new thriller that has dropped on Netflix and it is certainly leaving an impact on those who have watched it.

Watch the trailer for this anxiety-inducing film below…

Directed by Albert Pintó, Nowhere is a Spanish-speaking survival thriller film that follows a pregnant woman named Mia who is escaping a totalitarian country.

She must fight for her life when a violent storm knocks the container in which she has been hiding overboard.

Now trapped, Mia gives birth and is forced to survive to save her baby.

It stars Anna Castillo as Mia alongside Tamar Novas.

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Since debuting on Netflix, the film has been hugely popular. Many critics have praised its tense atmosphere and how it leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

However, some critics have pointed out that the plot can feel a bit too safe at times – which is evident by its 56% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite this, viewers have taken to social media to discuss the movie and share how anxious and nerve-wracking the film left them.

One person writes: “This movie Nowhere on Netflix is intense af lord I’ve had like 10 heart attacks watching this damn movie.”

Nowhere is leaving Netflix viewers anxious from start to finish. Credit: Netflix

“Watched it yesterday. Stressed me out pretty good. Good stuff,” adds another viewer.

A third person says: The movie Nowhere on Netflix gave me terrible anxiety from beginning to end…”

Someone else pens: “That was THE most anxiety-filled, stress-inducing, rollercoaster of emotions I’ve ever felt watching a movie! Why would y’all make this?”

“This movie made me ball my f***ing eyes out,” comments a fifth.

Some viewers have even gone on to speculate whether Nowhere is based on a true story, but this has been quashed by both the director Albert Pintó and by Castillo.

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Speaking to Netflix, Pintó wanted the film to feel ‘tangible’ and felt like viewers could immerse themselves into Mia’s troubles.

Meanwhile, in an interview with ES Euro, Castillo explained that the film is about a ‘dystopian reality’ and the extreme lengths someone would go through to escape it.

The actress told the outlet: “The people who die every day at sea are terrible. But this movie is not about that. I already did Mediterranean, which was a social drama that talked about Open Arms, and Nowhere is a dystopian reality.

“The totalitarian regime serves to put the character in context and understand what this girl is doing fleeing in the container.”

Nowhere is now available to stream on Netflix.

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