Netflix Viewers Left In Tears After Watching ‘Heartbreaking’ Film Based On True Story

Netflix viewers are saying they're tearing up after watching the 'heartbreaking' film Big Boys Don't Cry. Find out more here...
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Netflix viewers have been left in tears after watching a ‘heartbreaking’ film that is based on a true story.

The streaming giant has gained a reputation for having some hard-hitting content in its catalogue. 

Recently, fans discovered Hachi: A Dog’s Tale which is making them cry so much that they’re almost throwing up.

Now, a new tearjerker has been discovered on Netflix and viewers can’t stop praising it.

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The movie in question is a 2020 film that is loosely based on a horrifying true story.

It follows an orphan named Paul Connelly, who was abandoned when he was only two weeks old.

He is later subjected to abuse at St Leonard’s Children’s home in Essex, which the film recalls from his own experience.

The infamous institution was open from 1965 to 1984 and the heartbreaking crimes that took place behind its doors have since come to light.

According to The Guardian, St Leonard’s saw 3,000 children pass through its doors until it closed with a number of children being abused by multiple staff members.

The film shifts between Connolly’s youth and his twenties when he is released from prison and works as a bouncer.

However, he must confront his past when the death of his childhood friend leads to a police investigation.

This part of the film is fictionalised, as Connolly’s real experiences in adulthood are much different to what is shown in the movie.

In real life, Connolly never went to prison and he became a boxer.

This led to working as a gym instructor and followed on to be a celebrity personal trainer.

After learning to read at 25, he wrote and self-published a bestselling memoir titled ‘Against All Odds’, in 2010.

Big Boys Dont Cry
Netflix viewers have been left in tears after watching a film which is loosely based on a true story. Credit: Screenbound International Pictures

It stars Michael Socha (This is England) as Paul and has a 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Since dropping on the streaming service fans have taken to social media to discuss the movie.

One person comments: “I’ve just watched. How on earth people can be so cruel is beyond me. I’ve cried my eyes out. It’s not for the faint-hearted.

“A true story. Absolutely heartbreaking.”

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Another user adds: “Watched this last night with my partner and was feeling emotional, those poor boys. So sad indeed.”

A third person says: “I watched it last night… horrible real-life story but very well portrayed and totally emotional.”

Someone else writes: “I love British drama especially when it’s based on true events they’re always heart clutching. Great watch but not for the faint-hearted.”

While another comments: “Literally just watched this! Just heartbreaking what these children go through! Balled my eyes out and a very well-made movie!”

The film in question is called Big Boys Don’t Cry is now available to stream on Netflix in the UK. 

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