Netflix Viewers Rate New Thriller Series 10/10 After Binge-Watching In One Day

Pact of Silence is a new Netflix binge-worthy series that viewers are rating 10 out of 10.
Credit: Netflix

Netflix viewers have discovered a binge-worthy new series that they are rating 10 out of 10.

There are not many things better than sitting in front of your TV and binge-watching your favourite series.

With Netflix having so much content available, it is easy to miss certain shows.

So if you are looking for something new to stream, this 18-part series may be the next one to add to your watchlist.

Watch the trailer for the binge-worthy show below…

Pact of Silence is a Spanish-speaking series which follows a successful influencer called Brenda Rey who was abandoned at birth and suffered abuse while growing up in poverty.

Now she is older and successful, she is on a mission to find out who left her for dead and is looking for revenge.

The synopsis reads: “Under the cover of night, four teens take an infant to a remote location and leave her in a rundown building. Waiting to pick them up is their school headmistress, Ramona.

“She’s helping the girls hide the pregnancy and is now assisting in abandoning the child, later named Brenda. Brenda survives a childhood living in squalor — but barely.

“After pulling herself out of poverty, Brenda becomes a well-connected influencer with millions of followers. She’s powerful, she’s confident, and she wants to make sure the people who left her for dead — especially her biological mother — pay for what they did.”

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Pact of Silence is set in Mexico, with shooting for the series taking place in Guerrero, Mexico City, Soledad de Doblado, and Veracruz, as per Netflix.

The cast involves Camila Valero (Unstoppable) as Brenda Rey, Martín Barba (The Return) as Alex, and Chantal Andere (Marimar) as Ramona Castro.

On film aggregator site IMDb, it has scored a modest 6.9/10.

However, viewers have taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to praise the series and have hailed it a ’10/10′.

“Just finished watching Pact of Silence and man it was good,” says one viewer.

Pact of Silence
Pact of Silence is a binge-worthy new show available on Netflix. Credit: Netflix

Another person adds: “Go watch Pact of Silence on Netflix 10/10!!”

Someone else writes: “Pact of Silence on Netflix is really good! I recommend it for sure. I haven’t finished yet but it’s good.”

A fifth viewer comments: “HEAR ME OUT PACT OF SILENCE [is a] MUST WATCH!!”

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Another fan pens: “Watched 10 episodes of Pact of Silence today. I don’t know if I’ve sat through that many episodes straight of a show before.”

A second season is yet to be confirmed by the streaming service but due to its popularity, it would not be a surprise to see it get renewed.

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