Chilling Photo Shows Very Dangerous Animal Hiding In Child’s Bed: ‘Impossible To Spot’

A chilling photo shows an incredibly dangerous animal hiding in a child's bed and people are saying it's 'impossible to spot.'
Credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast via Facebook

A chilling photo shows a creature hiding in a child’s bed and people are saying it’s ‘impossible to spot.’

An image that appears pretty normal at first glance is now going viral on social media, as it shows an incredibly dangerous animal hidden in plain sight.

People are taking to social media and saying they’re struggling to find the creature, with one writing: “Can’t see it.”

Another adds: “What is it?”

“I must need glasses, my eyesight is terrible,” somebody else comments.

A fourth person says: “Wtf, I couldn’t see it until I saw the video…”

Snake in girl's bed.
At first glance, many can’t see the animal nestled on the child’s bed. Credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast via Facebook

It all started when a family from Queensland, Australia, made the unexpected discovery in their daughter’s bed.

Horrifyingly, a red-bellied black snake was nestled within their little girl’s unicorn-themed bedding.

Red-bellied black snakes, which are black with brown noses and red stomachs, are common in eastern Australia.

They’re described as ‘shy’ creatures, with the Australian Museum warning they will ‘generally only deliver a serious bite’ if feeling threatened.

“When approached in the wild a red-bellied black snake will often freeze to avoid detection, and people may unknowingly get quite close before registering the snake’s presence,” the museum explains.

“If approached too closely the snake will usually try to flee towards the nearest retreat, which if located behind the observer may give the impression the snake is launching an attack.”

Red-bellied black snake.
Red-bellied black snakes are common in eastern Australia. Credit: Alamy

A small amount of red-bellied black snake bites have been reported, with Australian Geographic reporting ‘there has never been a recorded death from a red-bellied black snake in Australia.’

The museum warns that bites should be taken seriously, since individual reactions to venom may vary.

Usually, a bite leads to bleeding or swelling, nausea, vomiting, headache, and abdominal pain, among other symptoms. The risks to children and pets are greater, due to their smaller size.

Snake in girl's bed.
A snake catcher visited the property and quickly removed the reptile. Credit: Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast via Facebook

It is suspected that the snake entered the child’s room through an open door.

Bryan Lockett, from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast, arrived at the property and acted quickly to remove the serpent.

He said: “Definitely not what you want on the bed.”

Lockett used a snake hook tool to lift the serpent before grabbing it near its tail and lowering it to the ground.

“There he is,” the snake catcher said. “It looks like he’s about to shed his skin. He’s a bit light on the belly.”

Gently, he then guided the creature into a bag.

The snake catcher uploaded a video of the shocking moment on Facebook, where he wrote: “This highly venomous red-bellied black snake was relocated from a child’s bed this morning in Jimboomba after trying to blend in with some cuddle toys.”

Honestly, it’s the stuff of nightmares!

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