People Are Seriously Struggling To Find The Snow Leopard In This Photo

Credit: @saurabh_desai_photography/Instagram

A photo of a snow leopard has gone viral on social media – as nobody can spot it. 

Snow leopards, known for their fur and elusive behavior, are a large species of cat that are native to the mountain range of Central and South Asia.

They’re listed as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN Red List, which documents threatened species – it is estimated around 2,710 to 3,386 mature individuals are left.

Sadly, the snow leopard is largely threatened by poaching and habitat destruction.

So capturing such a rare creature on camera is quite the achievement… except, barely anybody actually can see it.

Snow leopard on mountain.
Can you spot the snow leopard? Credit: @saurabh_desai_photography/Instagram

Airing their frustrations over the photo on social media, one person writes: “I’m losing my mind over this.”

Another viewer jokes: “Trying to put a straightjacket on me because I’ve lost my entire mind looking for this snow leopard!!!”

“I’ve been looking at this amazing pic for four minutes and I see no leopard,” admits a third.

Somebody else comments: “I promise it wasn’t there until after someone pointed it out. Absolutely was not there. Lol.”

A fifth person shares: “[The] first time I looked didn’t see it but then found it.”

Meanwhile, some (smug) commentators insist it’s pretty easy to spot, with one commenting: “Literally first thing I saw.”

In agreement, another adds: “Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”

“What do you mean? He’s literally looking right at us,” points out a third.

A fourth says: “Found it within two seconds.”

“I found it. So cleverly camouflaged,” pens another.

Snow leopard.
Many are under the presumption snow leopards are pure white – which may be why people struggle to find the large cat in the photo. Credit: Alamy

The photo in question was captured by nature, wildlife, and travel photographer Saurabh Desai, who has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram.

He posted the snow leopard image among numerous others, with the caption: “These snow leopard images are reaching miles and I am glad people are having fun finding the snow leopard in this image…”

People suggest some are having difficulty finding the snow leopard as they’re under the false presumption that snow leopards are pure white.

According to WWF, snow leopards have a ‘thick white-gray coat spotted with large black rosettes,’ helping them to blend ‘in perfectly with Asia’s steep and rocky, high mountains.’

They have a natural camouflage, leading the majestic creature to be called the ‘ghost of the mountains.’

Saurabh Desai
Saurabh Desai is the photographer behind the viral snow leopard image. Credit: @saurabh_desai_photography/Instagram

So, where is the elusive snow leopard in Desai’s photo?

Well, you need to look just off the center of the image and beneath the patch of snow – the striking creature is looking right at the camera.

Can you see it now?

For those who have found the snow leopard – don’t be overconfident. Many spot the creature and lose it once again.

Snow leopard on mountain.
The snow leopard is staring directly at the camera. Credit: @saurabh_desai_photography/Instagram

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