Piers Morgan Accuses Sam Smith Of Being ‘Over-Thirsty For Attention’ In Brits Outfit

Piers Morgan has accused Sam Smith of being 'over-thirsty for attention' in their Brit Award outfits.
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Piers Morgan has accused Sam Smith of being ‘over-thirsty for attention’ in their Brits outfits. 

The ex-Good Morning Britain presenter, 57, is known for his outspoken opinions and is now calling out one of the UK’s biggest pop stars.

Smith, 30, shot to fame after featuring on Disclosure’s hit ‘Latch’ over a decade ago.

They recently collaborated with Kim Petras on the track ‘Unholy’, which has topped charts around the world.

However, the pair’s performances of the song have been branded ‘satanic’ and faced a ton of backlash.

Watch Sam Smith’s ‘satanic’ Grammys performance below…

And it appears that Smith is continuing to cause a stir, as they are now raising eyebrows with their bold Brit Awards outfit – which has even caught the attention of Morgan.

Morgan shared an image of Smith on the red carpet at the Brits on Twitter.

The ‘I’m Not The Only One’ artist rocked up to the event in an inflatable black jumpsuit with huge shoulder pads, matching gloves and heels, along with pearl earrings.

Morgan’s caption reads: “Methinks ‘they’ is getting a teeny weeny bit over-thirsty for attention. #BRITs.”

Sam Smith at the 2023 Brit Awards.
Piers Morgan has accused Sam Smith of being ‘over-thirsty for attention’ in their Brit Award outfits. Credit: Alamy

Many of Smith’s fans have taken to the comment and defended their bold red carpet look.

One person writes: “That’s the goal for celebs at these events. They all want to stand out. Good on them.”

Another adds: “Yes, they’re a pop star. That’s what it’s about.”

While others are taking to the comments and pointing out that Morgan had no problem with stars such as David Bowie sporting similar looks in the past.

Defending Smith, one person says: “Google 80’s hair metal bands, David Bowie and Elton John. Hell, Google Björk, Alice Cooper etc.”

“No one said anything when Elton John, David Bowie and all the glam rockers were a bit controversial,” says another in agreement.

“In fact, they were loved and embraced for it.”

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Morgan is also facing a backlash for choosing to put Smith’s chosen pronouns in quotation marks.

One user pens: “Methinks putting they in quotes is a disgusting attempt to take someone’s identity away. They are a pop star, almost every pop star dresses more extravagantly.

“You wouldn’t complain about a cis person doing it, so why is a non-binary person unworthy of respect to you?”

While another person comments: “I think they look ridiculous, saying that isn’t the issue.

“The issue is the quotes around ‘they’ as it suggests that their gender identity isn’t valid.”

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This isn’t the first time that Morgan has attacked Smith on social media.

The ex-GMB presenter called the ‘Stay With Me’ singer ‘Satan’ following their performance of ‘Unholy’ with Kim Petras at the Grammys.

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