Pink Fan Outraged After Being Told To Pay $180 Ticket For Newborn To Attend Concert

A Pink fan has hit back after being charged $180 for a ticket for a newborn baby to attend the singer's concert.
Credit: Alamy & 7News

A Pink fan has spoken out after being told to pay $180 for a ticket to bring their newborn baby along to a concert.

Concert tickets are notoriously expensive – but, if you get to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing your favourite artist live, they can be worth it.

However, there are sometimes added and unforeseen costs that make concert-going even less affordable.

Such was the experience of one Sydney-based fan of the singer Pink.

They were asked to fork out a whopping $180 to bring along their newborn baby to a concert – and it has left the internet feeling scandalised…

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The Grammy-winning singer, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore Hart, has sold over 135 million records worldwide and is one of the world’s bestselling artists.

The ‘So What’ singer has a legion of loyal fans, and seeing her live is an important rite of passage for Pink lovers.

However, tickets don’t come cheap.

Pink is currently travelling across the globe on her Summer Carnival tour, which is starting in Australia and then moving across the world.

This weekend saw the ‘Just Like A Pill’ singer entertaining crowds at the Accor Stadium in Sydney’s Olympic Park.

A Pink fan was shocked when told their newborn baby would need a $180 ticket to attend the concert. Credit: Alamy

However, one couple ran into some unexpected trouble after asking if they could bring along their newborn baby to the show…

The couple had purchased their tickets back in early 2023, but since then, they’d welcomed a new addition to the family.

Not wanting to deal with finding childcare, the pair decided they’d just bring along their newborn to enjoy the pop bangers.

The family decided to reach out to the stadium to double-check their baggage allowance.

“Can you tell me whether we will be allowed to bring a nappy bag?” the man wrote, per 7News. “Also, just confirming she won’t need a ticket?”

However, the response was not what the Pink fan was expecting.

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The stadium hit back: “There is no issue bringing a nappy bag, but all attendees must have a ticket to enter, regardless of age.”

The man responded, claiming the stadium was sold out already, and that the newborn couldn’t possibly sit in their assigned seat.

But the stadium doubled down, adding: “The age policy set for this show by the promoter.”

As he commented on Accor’s response to 7News, the man says: “We found it disgraceful that a baby had to purchase a ticket when they were going to be in a baby carrier or on my sister’s chest.”

However, as soon as this story picked up steam, Accor changed its tune.

They actually waived the charges of the baby’s ticket fee and even offered the fans parking closer to the stadium entrance.

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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