Taylor Swift Accused Of Promoting Witchcraft And Satanic Rituals On Eras Tour

Taylor Swift has been accused of promoting witchcraft and satanic rituals on her Eras tour.
Credit: Alamy & @igorxtt/TikTok

Taylor Swift has been accused of promoting witchcraft and satanic rituals on her Eras tour.

Swift, 33, is one of the world’s leading singer-songwriters, with many of her songs topping the charts and becoming instant hits.

The ‘Anti-Hero’ artist is also known for her highly publicised personal life, including her relationships with other celebrities, which has been a subject of fascination for many of her fans and the media.

In recent years, Swift has also become more politically active and vocal on issues such as LGBTQ+ rights and women’s empowerment.

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Now, though, she has come under fire from Conservative Christians who are unhappy with some of the things that have happened on stage during her most recent gigs.

Conservative Christians are a group of religious individuals who follow a traditional interpretation of the Bible and Christian teachings.

They tend to hold conservative social and political beliefs and often prioritise family values, pro-life stances, and traditional gender roles.

Conservative Christians may also advocate for religious freedom and traditional marriage.

And the group is now accusing the ‘Love Story’ singer of trying to promote witchcraft and satanic rituals through her actions on stage.

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In fact, one member of the group has taken to Twitter to slam Swift.

They’ve said: “Never liked Taylor Swift, but now I definitely have a reason to. [I] just saw a video of her witchcraft/ritual performance on someone’s Insta story.

“Nope! Get that evil out of here.”

They also added: “Believers should not listen to this.”

Another perhaps even more unusual rant is also doing the rounds online.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been accused of promoting witchcraft and satanic rituals on her Eras tour. Credit: Alamy

In a viral clip on TikTok, one Christian woman may have read into Swift’s stage performance a little too much.

She claims: “This is Taylor Swift’s song ‘Willow’, where she is a witch during rituals.

“The first video you saw was taken by a fan the other night at the concert and he says, ‘Yes, summon the demons b****!’ The worst part is that [Swift] commented twice [on the video].

“[Swift] said: ‘This is the new ‘one, two, three, let’s go b****’.

“So what she’s saying is ‘summon the demons’ is the new crowd chant that they all say when she does this witchcraft ritual.”

The woman adds: “Then she commented laughing emojis.”

@igorxtt my live is where it’s at 🤭 #TSTheErasTour #ArlingtonTSTheErasTour ♬ willow – Taylor Swift

The rather angry woman then goes on about how people ‘keep saying stop shoving Christianity down our throats’ when huge musicians and artists are ‘shoving witchcraft and rituals, crystals, astrology and all that down our throats’.

Admittedly, however, Swift has previously said that her song ‘Willow’ ‘sounds like casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you’.

Since then, she’s put out several witch remixes of ‘Willow’.

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In her song ‘Mad Woman’, Swift sings: “Women like hunting witches too. Doing your dirtiest work for you.”

She also references witch hunts in her 2017 album ‘Reputation’.

“They’re burning all the witches, even if you aren’t one,” she sings in the song ‘I Did Something Bad’.

However, the Conservative Christians who are slamming Swift must have missed that the word ‘witch’ now has an entirely new meaning.

According to Psychsex, it’s now used as a symbol of feminism, while also being used for strong, unapologetic women.

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