Police Officer Who Slept With Six Co-Workers Breaks Silence In Explosive Interview

A police officer who found herself at the centre of a scandal after sleeping with six co-workers has broken her silence.
Credit: NewsChannel 5 & La Vergne Police Department

A police officer who found herself at the centre of a scandal after sleeping with six co-workers has broken her silence. 

Five Tennesee police officers have been sacked and three remain suspended pending further investigation after the scandal within La Vergne Police Department.

At the centre of the scandal is now ex-officer Maeghan Hall, 24, as it was revealed that she had been having s** with male colleagues while on the job.

Now, she’s finally had her say on the matter in an explosive television interview.

Watch Maeghan Hall’s explosive TV interview below…

Hall claims her bosses ‘took advantage of her vulnerabilities’ and used her for ‘s**ual pleasure’.

She was fired in January after an internal investigation found that she and other male officers had been sleeping together on the job and subsequently denied it.

The investigation found that Hall had been ‘engaged in a s**ual relationship’ with six officers – with two ‘while on duty and inside city-owned property’.

La Vergne Police Department’s chief and two sergeants were also implicated in the scandal.

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After the story went viral, Hall became a target of online abuse.

She tells Nashville’s NewsChannel 5: “I received harassing and threatening messages on my phone daily. I felt like I had been terrorised.”

Now, she alleges that she was part of a ‘hostile’ work environment and is suing the city in federal court.

She says: “I know what most people are saying. ‘You could have said no’. I get it. 

“But my response to them is that I did say no, and he wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

“Eventually, I gave in from the pressure.”

Meagan Hall
Maeghan Hall has broken her silence on the scandal. Credit: La Vergne Police Department

She admits that she did participate in the s**ual activity, but only because she was pressured into it. 

Hall argues that the intimate details of the story thrust her into the spotlight without being able to tell it from her side.

Hall continues with her claims, alleging: “They isolated me. Shunned me. They accused me, and they blamed me for becoming a victim.

“My supervisors worked together to take advantage of my vulnerabilities and mental health, and they used it for their gain and their s*ual pleasure.”

Hall goes on to say that nobody ‘should ever have to endure this type of abuse’, and that what happened to her at the police department ‘should never happen to anyone’.

“Who do you turn to when the chief of police is s**ually harassing you?” she continues. 

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“How can I get justice when the entire system, including the chief, not only condoned such behaviour but participated in it? 

“I was lost, and I felt alone. I had no one to turn to and nowhere to go.”

In a statement commenting on the investigation and resulting terminations and suspension, Police Chief Burrell Davis said: “This is a difficult situation for our department and for the city, but I want to be clear that the actions of a few do not represent this department as a whole.

“We have sufficient staff to cover all of our patrol shifts and I have full confidence in our officer’s ability to protect and serve. We are working diligently to rebuild the trust of our citizens and our community.

“We understand this will take time and diligence from our command staff and officers to repair the honour and integrity of our department.”

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