Brutal Revenge Thriller Dubbed One Of The ‘Greatest Films Of All Time’

The revenge film starring House of the Dragon's Paddy Considine, Dead Man's Shoes, has been dubbed one of the 'greatest films of all time'.
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A brutal revenge thriller starring Paddy Considine has been dubbed one of the ‘greatest films of all time’.

Considine, 49, gained worldwide fame and critical praise after starring in the Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon, as King Viserys.

Before becoming a household name, the actor appeared in Hot Fuzz, The World’s End and 24 Hour Party People.

However, many of Considine’s fans believe there’s another film of his that is underrated.

Watch the trailer for Dead Man’s Shoes below…

Dead Man’s Shoes (2004) tells the story of a paratrooper (Considine) returning to his hometown in Derbyshire to inflict revenge on the gang that abused his brother.

The film is directed by Shane Meadows (This Is England), who wrote the film alongside Considine and Paul Fraser.

While the film features brutal violence and a gripping, but bleak, story, there is one scene in particular that is making the rounds on social media.

Considine’s character, Richard, is confronted by a gang member (Gary Stretch) who is looking to threaten him.

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However, he remains stoic throughout the altercation and begins to turn the tables, flipping the switch on the traditional ‘what are you looking at’ scenes.

This includes Richard stretching his palm out and intensely saying: “You’re here mate… right f***ing here.”

People on social media have been sharing this scene, with some calling it one of the ‘greatest scenes in British Film’.

Another person added: “Just great acting from Considine and Stretch to create such an iconic scene.”

Watch the scene that everyone is talking about below…

The film is now finding a new life with audiences re-discovering it and taking to social media to praise the movie.

One person wrote: “How this is only now getting recognition is mental! One of the finest British performances.”

Someone else commented: “Dead Mans Shoes is one of the greatest British films ever.”

“Brilliant film. Paddy Considine is fantastic,” added a third.

Another fan said: “Paddy Considine is absolutely superb in this. Would highly recommend, along with basically everything else Shane Meadows has done.”

A fifth person commented: “Great film that’s not been recognised enough.”

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Despite only having 58% score on the Tomatometer, the audience score for Dead Man’s Shoes on Rotten Tomatoes stands at 91%, showing that audiences and critics have conflicting views on the movie.

That’s not to say that all critics disliked the film, with Lou Lumenick from the New York Post comparing this film to the first Rambo movie, First Blood.

Meanwhile, Colin Kennedy called Dead Man’s Shoes ‘disturbing, uncompromising and completely gripping’, in his review for Empire magazine.

You can stream Dead Man’s Shoes on Pluto TV.

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