Salt Bae Shares Staggering £141,000 Bill From His Restaurant And It’s Left People Gobsmacked

Salt Bae has shared a huge bill from his restaurant which has left people absolutely gobsmacked.
Credit: Alamy & @nusr_et/Instagram

Salt Bae has shared a staggering bill from his restaurant which has left people absolutely gobsmacked.

The Turkish chef, whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, became a viral sensation for his interesting technique when it comes to seasoning his food with salt. 

The millionaire restaurant owner now owns 22 steakhouses located all over the world, with sites in New York, Saudi Arabia, and London.

Known for its tomahawk steaks that are wrapped in gold leaf, the restaurant has come under fire in the past for its extravagant prices.

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However, one recent purchase has left people on social media speechless at how much one customer paid for a meal.

At the Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi, 14 diners reportedly ordered a large amount of food and beverages and their bill came to 615,065 United Arab Emirates Dirhams.

This comes to £141,190, $250,500AUD, and $167,500USD.

This roughly works out to each person paying £10,000 ($17,892AUD and $11,928USD) for their meal.

Salt Bae shared the bill on his social media account, with the caption ‘Quality never expensive’, and this led to people flooding the comments with their disgust at the price.


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One user penned: “If a person works for a lifetime, he cannot earn this money, this meal will not make you immortal. A person who steals the rights of others can only eat this ridiculous food.”

Another added: “Your restaurant and drinks are not even close to that amount. Your meat quality ain’t even as good as half the other steakhouses.

“Humble yourself buddy, all these YouTube chefs talking s*** on your brand. Get it together bud.”

“Jesus and here I’m complaining about my $200 wagyu,” commented a third.

Someone else said: “This is disgusting to flaunt especially with the emergence of a global cost of living crisis….”

A fifth fumed: “I mean, wouldn’t you feel much better about feeding potentially several thousand starving children rather than satisfying your filthy rich ego? 

“Call me crazy but this just seems like the definition of a ‘waste of money’ paying it forward seems to be a rare flex these days. To each their own I guess.”

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Looking at the bill, there are a few items that help clarify why the bill was so expensive.

There were five bottles of Pétrus wine that ended up costing 325,000 United Arab Emirates Dirhams, which equates to £74,570, $132,330AUD, and $88,495USD.

There were also two 2009 Louis XIII Pétrus wine bottles that cost 200,000 United Arab Emirates Dirhams, which converts to £45,901, $81,400AUD, and $54,400USD.

Salt Bae’s restaurants have become notorious for being a hotspot for celebrities and wealthy people to be seen eating at.

However, it appears that most diners are more interested in just meeting and having a photo with Salt Bae himself, rather than eating the actual food.

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