Sam Smith’s Raunchy New Music Video Sparks Outrage

The raunchy music video for Sam Smith's new single has sparked outrage.
Credit: Universal Music

Sam Smith’s raunchy music video for their new single has sparked outrage.

Smith, 30, shot to fame after featuring on Disclosure’s hit song ‘Latch’ in 2012.

They’ve since established themselves as of the UK’s biggest pop stars and even won an Oscar for their James Bond soundtrack, ‘Writing’s On The Wall’.

However, the music video for Smith’s latest offering has caused quite a stir online.

Watch Smith’s new music video that’s ruffling feathers below…

Smith recently released their new album ‘Gloria’, along with the video for their single, ‘I’m Not Here to Make Friends’.

The video sees Smith arriving at a castle in a helicopter before dancing alongside scantily clad dancers wearing suspenders and corsets.

In one scene, the dancers are shown on beds wearing only black leather pants.

Although it has had largely positive feedback from fans, others have been left outraged by the video and are calling for it to be censored.

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Twitter users are now debating whether the video should be age-restricted on platforms like YouTube.

One angry fan writes: “No f***ing need, it’s blatant tacky s**ualised bulls***.

“As a mum of teenagers, I’m sick of seeing people using s*** like this to sell their music.

“I would be saying this about anyone who put out a video like this.

“It’s not about Sam Smith’s gender, I don’t care about their gender.”


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Another adds: “I can’t believe kids look up to Sam Smith. This s*** should be banned on YouTube.”

One critic even went as far as comparing the liberating music video to self-confessed misogynist Andrew Tate.

“If we’re crunching down on Andrew Tate for apparently warping children’s minds, we should be banishing Sam Smith to Mars,” another writes.

However, people have been quick to point out that similar music videos featuring women don’t get the same criticism as Smith – who identifies as gay and non-binary.

Sam Smith
Sam Smith’s raunchy music video for their new single has sparked outrage. Credit: Universal Music

One writes: “If women can produce videos acting ‘vulgar’ and being ‘very s**ual’, why can’t Sam Smith?

“Everyone seems to be alright seeing female singers do it, but not alright seeing Sam Smith do it.

“The songs your eight-year-olds sing are all about having s**, so maybe think on that!”

Twitch star Limmy also defended Smith by joking ‘it wasn’t like this in my day’, while sharing the even raunchier video for Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘Relax’, which was released in 1983.

Other users suggest parents should be more diligent about monitoring what their children watch online if they’re so concerned about Smith’s new video.

“People moaning that kids might see Sam Smith’s music video is cracking me up,” another person shares.

“Why do parents think it’s everyone else’s job except theirs to parent their ratty kids?

“It was YOUR choice to have them, maybe it’s YOUR job to monitor what they’re watching online.”

Speaking about the song on The Graham Norton Show, Smith reveals that the track was inspired by a date, explaining: “I went on a date with this guy who just… people friend-zone me a lot on dates.

“And the next day I went into the studio and I was, like, I’m sick of, like, I’ve got enough friends. I don’t need any more friends.”

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Discussing the video, Smith adds: “Basically it’s set in a castle. It’s like Henry VIII’s castle.”

They also reassure viewers: “Nothing seedy went on, guys. It wasn’t weird.”

Smith also says the castle hadn’t been closed during filming, but that other visitors had no idea what was happening behind the closed doors.

They explain: “Yeah, they had Christmas parties [going on]. They were working around us. They had no idea what was going on in the rooms.”

They then joked that ‘weirder things had happened in that castle’.

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