Brutally Violent Nazi-Killing Movie From The Same Studio As John Wick Is Now Streaming

Sisu Film: A brutal Nazi-killing movie made by the same studio as John Wick is now available to stream.
Credit: Lionsgate

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A brutal Nazi-killing film from the same studio behind John Wick is now available on streaming.

There has been a recent re-emergence of top-quality action movies.

From the continuation of the Mission Impossible and James Bond franchises to new originals such as Atomic Blonde and Bullet Train – viewers have been spoilt with critical and commercially successful blockbusters.

However, arguably the most impactful action film of the last decade is the John Wick series – which has been praised for its stylish and practical set pieces.

So when the studio behind the Keanu Reeves-led franchise releases a new action movie, you know that it will be a guaranteed hit.

Watch the trailer for the brutal action film below…

Sisu follows an elderly recluse called Aatami (Jorma Tommila) during the final days of WWII in Finland as he travels over 500 miles to bank some gold.

However, his mission to get rich is stalled when some Nazis steal it from him. But it turns out they messed with the wrong miner as Aatami is a former commando.

So he embarks on a bloody revenge quest to retrieve the gold by any violent means necessary.

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If this sounds like your type of film, you can now watch it on Amazon Prime for £15.99.

The movie was released in 2023 and earned $13 million at the box office against a budget of $6 million.

It did receive an impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so while it wasn’t a box office smash, critics seemed to love it.

Sisu also won big at Catalonia’s Sitges International Film Festival picking up Best Film, Best Music, Best Cinematography, and Best Actor – for Tommila.

Sisu is a brutal Nazi-killing film that comes from the same studio responsible for the John Wick franchise. Credit: Lionsgate

People who have already seen the film have been singing Sisu’s praises on social media.

One viewer says: “Best movie I’ve seen in a long time… a must-watch.”

“[Sisu is] a more important WWII film than Oppenheimer,” insists someone else.

“The film Sisu is incredible man, really good watch,” writes a third.

Another viewer comments: “So Sisu was a good film, with some great cinematography and some crazy scenes, very Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez-esque.”

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Meanwhile, one person has even come up with their own theory about how Sisu and John Wick could tie in together.

They speculate: “Great movie and very entertaining.

“If they don’t tie this in to be a prequel/origin story for John Wick’s family then they are missing out for sure! Lionsgate should make Sisu the grandfather and how John’s family found their way into the hitman/revenge universe.”

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