‘Squid Game’ Viewers Have ‘Mind-Blowing’ Theory About The Bedwetting Scene

Squid Games viewers have suggested a 'mindblowing' theory about the bedwetting scene. 
Credit: Netflix

Squid Game viewers have suggested a ‘mind-blowing’ theory about the bedwetting scene. 

After watching the drama’s unexpected ending (spoiler alert), viewers have reflected on the show and said certain scenes definitely gave away some ‘clues’ as to what was about to happen.

People have hinted that the scene where the Old Man wets his pants may have been a ‘test’ for Gi-hun and the other competitors.

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Squid Game
Squid Game viewers have suggested there’s more to the bedwetting scene than meets the eye. Credit: Netflix

Many have pointed out that there was a bottle of water left next to the character, meaning he could have potentially poured it over himself.

Taking to social media, one person said: “This Old Man in Squid Game really splashed water over his pants.”

Another added: “Maybe it was a test for Gi-hun.”

However, some people weren’t too convinced by this ‘evidence’ and pointed out that it would be unlikely it still contained any water, as it had been used in an earlier scene to cool down the Old Man’s fever.

Still, some people said that it was pretty amusing for the character to wet his pants after finding out his true identity in the finale.

One fan tweeted: “I just realised that the Old Man in Squid Game knew what was going on, and still p***ed his pants for fun. What a sick man.”

Throughout the series, it was clear for fans to see that during their time in the game, Gi-hun and the Old Man formed a bond.

But, unfortunately, the pair made the tragic mistake of teaming up in the game of marbles, which meant only one could come out alive.

In the final episode, Gi-hun was shocked to realise that the Old Man had survived and was actually behind the Squid Games the whole time, as he just wanted to have ‘fun’ in his final days.

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