Men Freaked Out After Learning What ‘Stitch’ Running Along Bottom Of Their Privates Is

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Men are freaking out after learning what the ‘stitch’ running along the bottom of their privates is.

The seam-like structure runs from your manhood, down the centre of your balls and to your behind.

Some men feared they had a ‘zombie p*nis’ or were ‘made up of two separate people’ after discovering the curious stitch.

Thankfully the scar-like line isn’t a cause for concern and every guy has one – but there’s an interesting reason why it’s there.

Find out some weird facts about your testicles below…

Even if you never wondered about it, we’ll tell you anyway: it is called a perineal raphe and formed when you were in the womb.

At the beginning of pregnancy, male and female fetuses look pretty similar in the downstairs area.

At around seven weeks, the testicles in male fetuses start producing testosterone.

“The testosterone causes the urogenital swellings to swell, come together in the middle, and fuse, forming the scrotum and the underside of the penis,” the Intersex Society of North America explains.

“The line down the middle, called a ‘raphe’, is just a reminder of how all humans start out with a common female genital anatomy until seven weeks after conception.”

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The line is known as a penile raphe on the p*nis, and a scrotal raphe where it appears on the scrotum. 

The raphe is also present in women, extending from the labia majora to the behind, and comes from the development in the womb at the same time. 

So there you have it: the mysterious stitch is a relic from when your privates were first distinguishing themselves in the womb.

Man zipping jeans
Some men have only just discovered what the stitching under your privates is. Credit: Alamy.

It also turns out that this is actually a really important part of your body too.

The temperature of your privates is a few degrees below human body temperature and the scrotum helps control this.

This is why your below area tends to be a little looser when it’s warmer to avoid getting too hot.

Meanwhile, it shrivels up when it is cold to try and maintain temperature.

It is true that you learn something new every day and people have taken to social media to discuss this.

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One person comments: “I’m about to become an acrobat trying to look at myself in the mirror.”

Another user admits: “When I was a kid I use to think it’s the lining to sew our bodies after being stuffed like toys.”

A third adds: “Wow, I just learned it here that we had a chance to have a v*gina?”

Another expresses: “I always thought ‘this is where I almost had a v*gina’. Turns out I was right?”

Man shocked on computer
Turns out it is known as the perineal raphe and it is formed while you were in the womb. Credit: Alamy

Someone else says: “Wow!! You learn something new every day.”

However, some were surprised others weren’t aware of the stitch.

One user says: “What, so they didn’t know until now? How? We learnt this in biology at school!”

Another person writes: “Information like this has been going around for years.”

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