TikTok Is No Longer The Most Popular Social Media Website

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TikTok is no longer the most popular social media website in the world.

Remember when we thought Google and its trusty sidekick, Google Maps, were the undeniable kings of the web?

In 2021, a new contender strutted onto the stage and knocked the tech titan off its perch.

Who, you ask? TikTok.

Yeah, the same TikTok that managed to keep its legal status intact despite the determined endeavours of US lawmakers.

Cloudflare Radar, the oracle of internet popularity, unveiled the switcheroo.

The iconic found itself stepping down from its numero uno position to let TikTok bask in the spotlight. Cue gasps.

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Yes, TikTok dethroned Google and claimed the coveted top spot.

The underdog became the top dog, the rookie scored a knockout against the seasoned champion.

Back then, the leaderboard looked like this:

The Top 10 Most Popular Domains Of 2021:


The saga began in February 2021 when TikTok snatched the crown for just one day.

But that was just a teaser.

March rolled around, and TikTok said ‘Hold my virtual drink‘, and reclaimed its throne, holding the reigns for a few more days.

By August, the world was under TikTok’s spell, as it emerged as the people’s champion of the worldwide web.

TikTok toppled Facebook from its social media pedestal in terms of sheer traffic, although Facebook still reigned supreme with the highest user count.

However, the age of TikTok’s reign wasn’t to be an everlasting affair, as Cloudflare’s in-depth inspection of the web’s heavyweight champions of 2022 revealed.

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The Top 10 Most Popular Domains Of 2022:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Apple, TikTok
  4. YouTube
  5. Microsoft
  6. Amazon Web Services
  7. Instagram
  8. Amazon
  9. iCloud, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo

Alas, TikTok’s fleeting grip on the throne melted away, and Google reclaimed its crown, with Facebook nipping at its heels.

TikTok gracefully shared the third spot with Apple, leaving us all in awe of their unexpected pairing.

TikTok has been overtaken as the world’s most popular social media website. Credit: Alamy

As the cyber tides shifted, WhatsApp took a tumble and found itself outside the top 10, while Twitter and Yahoo formed an unexpected tag team at the tail end.

When it comes to the grand stage of social media, Facebook reclaimed its spot at the helm, closely shadowed by Meta’s very own Instagram.

The Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites (Ranked by Traffic):

  1. Facebook
  2. TikTok
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Snapchat
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Discord
  8. Reddit
  9. Pinterest
  10. Kwai

But wait, there’s a tiny asterisk in this digital saga.

Keep in mind that the world of adult websites wasn’t invited to this exclusive party.

That’s right – they got the boot from this traffic analysis.

But, just for kicks, a different analysis by Statista took a peek behind the curtain, and guess who snuck into the top 10 when the adults were allowed?

None other than P***hub, staking its claim at number 10.

So, there you have it, internet explorers. Facebook has overtaken TikTok as the most popular social media website.

The virtual cosmos is a realm of ever-shifting dynamics and digital power plays.

One minute TikTok’s ruling the roost, and the next, Facebook’s back with a vengeance.

The stage is set, the pixels are poised, and the internet continues to spin its tantalising tales of web dominance.

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Written by Cal Gaunt

Cal is a former content editor at IGV who specialised in writing trending and entertainment news. He previously worked as a news reporter at the Lancashire Telegraph and earned an NCTJ in Sports Journalism.