Taylor Swift Fans Grossed Out As Star Performs ‘Disgusting’ Act During Tour

Taylor Swift left fans grossed out by wiping boogers on her Eras Tour costumes.
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Taylor Swift has disgusted fans by committing a ‘gross’ act on stage during her performances. 

The ‘Cruel Summer’ singer, 34, has taken the world by storm with her latest concert series, The Eras Tour.

It’s captured diverse phases of the artist’s illustrious career and each segment is dedicated to a specific ‘era.’

Swift’s tour is a live anthology of her artistic transformation – from her country roots to her pop transition and forays into indie and alternative sounds.

While the tour has something for all the ‘Fortnight’ artist’s fans, no tour is perfect – as proven by a video going viral on social media.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been spotted indulging in ‘gross’ acts on stage. Credit: Alamy

Swift’s fans have spotted the singer indulging in ‘gross’ acts on stage and they’ve even been caught on camera.

People have taken to X, formally Twitter, and discussed the viral moments, with one user saying: “You can’t lie this is DISGUSTING.”

Another agrees: “This is weird.”

“Normally I’m not grossed out by images on a screen, but I was not prepared,” shares a third.

Meanwhile, others have taken to the discussion and defended the star, saying she’s only human.

“It happens, no big deal,” insists one person.

A second adds: “We’ve all done something similar… don’t lie.”

“She’s human… we do that,” somebody else writes.

Taylor Swift
Swifties have defended the artist following the viral videos. Credit: Alamy

The drama happened during Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The pop icon was forced to brave the cold weather which reportedly hovered between 48 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

At one point, the weather was so severe Swift made a quick wardrobe adjustment during her show – she added a pair of short black gloves to her Vivian Westwood gown.

Apologizing to the audience, the singer explained: “I’m so sorry, everyone, this has never happened before, but my hand is frozen. I’m just going to warm it. I’m so embarrassed. My hand’s like a claw.”

Swift was also spotted performing ‘disgusting’ acts while combating the cold, and they’re now making their rounds on social media.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has been caught wiping boogers on her Eras Tour outfits. Credit: @8jackszn/TikTok

Swift was captured wiping boogers from her nose and inadvertently transferring them to her Eras tour outfits countless times.

In one video, the singer appears to wipe her snot on her sparkly green mini-skirt, and in another clip, she looks to be wiping her nose and cleaning her hand off by brushing it against her red and black jumpsuit.

In a third video, Swift seemingly licks her boogers as they drip over her signature red lips.

@8jackszn the uk weather really got our tay tay 🥹🤧 #taylorswift #therastour #edinburgh #1989 #wildestdreams #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – 𝐉𝐀𝐂𝐊 🐨

@xcrystine grace personified @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation #TSTheErasTour #EdinburghTSTheErasTour #swiftie #edinburghn1 #erastour ♬ original sound – xcrystine

Fans have had mixed reactions to these very human moments.

One person suggests: “I’ve seen three different videos of Taylor wiping or licking her boogers in the past 30 minutes. She needs to take some tissues with her up on that stage.”

Another adds: “This video of Taylor Swift eating her boogers and throwing snot on the stage keeps popping up. Honestly, eat your boogers in private, but on stage is insane.”

However, others have defended the star, with one penning: “She’s a human and we all get snot-nosed from time to time lol. Wtf else was she gonna do with it mid-performance? Let it run down her face? Taylor Swift gets on my nerves but I won’t drag her for this one, the show must go on.”

Another agrees: “She’s in the middle of a performance and she didn’t want to stop to wipe her nose so that the fans can get a perfect performance and the internet is mud-slinging and trying to shame her for it!!!”

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