The Cookie Monster’s ‘Cookies’ Aren’t Actually Cookies

It's been confirmed that the Cookie Monster's 'cookies' aren't actually cookies at all.
Credit: Cookie Monster via Facebook

It’s been revealed that the Cookie Monster’s ‘cookies’ aren’t actually cookies at all and it’s left the internet shocked…

If you watched Sesame Street as a kid, you probably shared one major hyperfixation.

We were all obsessed with the Cookie Monster’s cookies.

There was something about that crunchy texture that made our mouths water every time.

But this week, news has gone viral that these delicious-looking sweet treats actually were not cookies at all …

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What initially looked (to us as children, at least) like the yummiest cookies in the world were, in actuality, far less appetising.

According to Mashable, what our favourite blue furry monster was truly shovelling into his mouth was the far less delicious rice cake.

These rice cakes were painted to look like cookies, fooling us all – until now.

There were two major reasons for the substitution.

The first was that the greasy nature of cookies could rub off on the Sesame Street puppets, causing them to look dirty and dingy.

The second had to do with weight.

Cookie Monster
The Cookie Monster’s ‘cookies’ aren’t actually cookies. Credit: Cookie Monster via Facebook

As the Cookie Monster gorged himself on his favourite treats, they’d drop through the puppet’s mouth and onto the head of the operator inside the costume.

A dense cookie could be a health and safety risk – but a light-air rice cake couldn’t really cause much damage.

But we’re not sure the man (or Monster) himself would approve of the substitution.

As he said on X, formerly Twitter: “Today me tried new food: rice cakes. Dis must be cruel joke. Dey taste NOTHING like cake!”

However, according to Delish, there is a far more intricate recipe that goes into the Cookie Monster’s ‘cookies’.

As per The New York Times, they’re baked by Lara MacLean, a ‘puppet wrangler’ for the Jim Henson Company.

But again, this source confirms that the cookies are not quite as delicious as you may think.

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“MacLean developed the recipe in the 2000s, and it includes pancake mix, Grape-Nuts, puffed rice, instant coffee, and water. The cookies are topped with dollops of brown glue from hot glue guns that look like chocolate chips,” it said.

MacLean said that the cookies are ‘kind of like dog treats’, but does confirm that before she came up with her concoction ‘the cookies were made with a mix of rice crackers and foams’.

David Rudman, who has played Cookie Monster since 2001, said that MacLean’s cookies are ‘thin enough that it’ll explode into a hundred crumbs’, which is ‘where the comedy comes from’.

A Redditor also seems to have confirmed the change in the ‘cookie’ recipe.

They write: “I met Cookie Monster once (the real one – David Rudman. He was filming something in the same building as me).

“I asked about the cookies and I got to keep one. Still have it I think. It wasn’t a rice cracker – made of wheat. Like a big cracker or hard bread. Crumbled well. He also told me that they sometimes use different cookies so the rice cake thing can also be true.”

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Written by Annie Walton Doyle

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