Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen His Daughter In 10 Years

Tom Cruise reportedly hasn't seen his daughter Suri in 10 years.
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Tom Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen his daughter in 10 years.

The Mission Impossible star, 61, is one of the highest-paid actors in the world – with an estimated net worth of $600 million.

Throughout his career, Cruise has starred in several classic films, including Top Gun, Rain Man and Jerry McGuire.

And while Cruise has found huge success and has legions of fans, he’s also faced scrutiny.

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A source tells Page Six that the actor has not seen his 17-year-old daughter Suri in a very long time and is not a part of her life.

The Top Gun: Maverick star shares his daughter with actress Katie Holmes, 44.

The pair are believed to have started dating in 2005 and in the following year, they tied the knot and welcomed Suri.

However, Cruise and Holmes’ relationship came to an end in 2012 when the actress filed for divorce.

It’s believed that following this, the War of the Worlds actor has no longer kept in contact with his child.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s marriage came to an end in 2012. Credit: Alamy

Suri is now at the age where she’s applying for colleges with her mother, but according to sources, her father has had no involvement in the process.

An alleged source close to the family tells the Daily Mail: “Suri is applying to schools all over the place. [Katie] really does want her to stay in New York so they can be close to each other.”

While the Edge of Tomorrow star reportedly doesn’t see his daughter, the Daily Mail source does go on to say that the 61-year-old fulfils all of his financial obligations for his daughter.

This includes ‘medical, dental, insurance, education, college and other extracurricular costs’.

One of the factors behind Cruise and Holmes’ divorce is that the Batman Begins star wanted to protect her daughter from Scientology, according to reports.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is the most high-profile Scientologist. Credit: Alamy

The Oblivion star is the most high-profile Scientologist – those who are a member believe that everyone has a reactive mind that responds to life’s traumas, which clouds the analytic mind and keeps us from experiencing reality.

While Holmes was also a follower of the religion, she chose to leave it around the same time her marriage to Cruise came to an end, according to The Mirror.

Scientology allegedly forbids its members from seeing ‘non-believers’, as per Page Six.

Yet journalist Tony Ortega – who writes about Scientology – says celebrities who are involved in the religion are allowed to break the rules and see their family members who don’t believe it.

However, Cruise is such a strict follower of the rules that he reportedly refuses to see his daughter or ex-wife due to their views of the religion.

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Previously, actress and former Scientology member Leah Remini addressed Cruise and Holmes’ relationship – and she blames the religion for how it ended.

The King of Queens star alleged to the New York Post that Holmes is considered an enemy of the church of Scientology.

Remini told the outlet: “Scientology considers Katie a suppressive person which is an enemy and therefore Tom believes, like all Scientologists, that he can’t be connected to Suri.

“I’m sure his master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so that he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother.”

She added: “I’m only assuming that there’s some type of agreement to protect her daughter.”

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