‘Trophy Husband’ With Three Wives Explains Why He Has ‘No Need To Work’

Nick Davis, a 'trophy husband' with three wives, has revealed why he doesn't feel the need to work.

Nick Davis, a self-proclaimed ‘trophy husband’, has revealed why he doesn’t need to work and can rely on his three wives…

Most of us believe that healthy relationships mean that both parties contribute equally.

Whether that means one works and one takes care of the domestic chores, or both partners split the cost of living, it’s a compromise we all have to come to on our own.

But one man seemingly doesn’t believe in compromises.

Nick Davis, a self-proclaimed ‘trophy husband’, believes his three wives can take care of everything, meaning he doesn’t have to work at all!

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Nick Davis rose to fame on the TLC reality TV show Seeking Sister Wife.

Nick, alongside his first wife April, was looking for a new addition to their relationship.

April suggested bringing in Jennifer to the family as a second wife.

And it seems as though this was a success, as they then decided to expand the relationship even further.

The trio then decided to add a third wife into the mix, named Danielle.

Nick Davis and his three wives.
‘Trophy husband’ Nick Davis says he’s ‘living a dream come true’ with his three wives. Credit:

The unusual relationship has attracted a lot of online attention, with one person writing: “It seems wild but I’m happy for them!”

Another adds: “Your life, your preferences, your happiness.”

The wives seem happy to me. They seem as [if] they really care about their ‘sister wife’.️ Hey, if it works for them I’m not judging,” somebody else says. 

While a fourth insists: “The relationship is all about him.”

Nick Davis and his three wives.
Nick Davis’ wife Danielle says she never imagined she could ‘be this happy’. Credit:

The three wives even ‘sandwich him as he sleeps at night’, per the MailOnline.

April, Jennifer and Danielle are all working professionals, while Nick has instead chosen a life staying at home.

“Nick’s a lot to handle. Let’s just say that… in a lot of ways. Nick is a lot to handle in the bed,” April explains on Seeking Sister Wife.

“Nick’s a lot to handle in general with his personality. It’s nice to be able to have helping hands.”

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Nick also compares his family situation to a chessboard, explaining: “The King doesn’t move around much” while the Queens have all the power, as per Kidspot.

For his part, Nick has called his lifestyle ‘like living a dream come true’.

“Having three wives, knowing that we’ve all solidified our union and brought it together like we have, it’s just unbelievable. I just feel like I’m just living a dream come true,” he adds.

Danielle also agrees she’d never imagined she could ‘be this happy’.

Whatever works for them, we guess!

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