Uber Customers Horrified After Discovering How Many One Stars They’ve Been Given By Drivers

Uber customers have been left horrified after discovering how many one stars they’ve been given by drivers. Find out more here…
Credit: Alamy & @emmatainment/TikTok

Uber customers are horrified after discovering how many one stars they have been given by drivers.

Getting a taxi can sometimes be one of the most awkward tasks in the world as you don’t know what to expect.

There are times that you are lucky with a driver who is extremely chatty and will make the journey feel like five minutes.

Other times you will be sat in dead silence, thinking to yourself when will it be appropriate to ask the dreaded question: “So, have you had a busy day?”

If you’ve ever been curious to know what the driver thinks of you, someone has shared a way for you to find out.

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If you are not familiar with Uber, you can rate your driver out five stars based on their driving, how social they are, and you’re overall experience during the journey.

On the flip side, drivers can rate you back based on how you behave throughout the ride.

While you could see your average rating score, people never knew there was a way to see what ratings you have received.

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Now a woman on TikTok, called Emmataintment, has gone viral for sharing how you can see this information.

In her post, which has had 2.7 million views, she explains that all you have to do is go into settings and press privacy and then privacy centre.

Then click ‘see summary’ to find out how you use Uber.

This will tell you information such as how many days you have been signed up, how many trips you have taken, and how many times you’ve ordered from Uber Eats.

Uber rating on TikTok
A woman on TikTok has shared with viewers the way for people to see a breakdown of their ratings on Uber. Credit: @Emmatainment/TikTok

Click on that and then scroll down to ‘ratings’, which will then break down your own rating score and you might be surprised by the number of low ratings you have.

People took to Emma’s comment section to discuss their own ratings.

One person gleefully shares: “I have all 5 stars I don’t know how to act this has made my life.”

A not-so-happy user said: “I have four 1-star reviews. Like WHAT WAS THE REASON?! I literally just sit back and mind my business.”

@emmatainment I wish I never found this setting #uber #uberratings ♬ original sound – Emmatainment

A third expresses: “I’ve got 1 star and I’m always so friendly. WHAT. I’M FUMING.”

Someone else adds: “I only have 1 but it’s eating me alive. What did I do??? I never make them wait and I just sit quietly.”

However, one user knows the exact time they got their one star, as they explain: “I have one 1 star rating and I know it’s the time my best friend puked in our Uber like 6 years ago.”

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There is a purpose to the ratings though, as the Washington Post reveals that if a driver or a passenger keeps getting low ratings, they could be banned from using Uber.

So next time you are in a drunken state while in an Uber, think about your rider rating before you start screaming at the top of your voice.

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