Shoppers’ Minds Blown After Realising What Hook On Trollies Are For

Shoppers have had their minds blown after realising what the hook on trollies is for.
Credit: @BeeFaerie/ Twitter

Shoppers have had their minds blown after realising what the hook on trollies is for.

People will always look for hacks to make their trips to the shops easier.

Some have been sharing tips on how to use a trolley without using a one-pound coin.

Now, one shopping chain has shared a hack that will help you carry one less object.

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One struggle people have when shopping is where to put their shopping bags and handbags.

Are you one of those who dump your bag at the bottom of the trolley and bury it underneath all the items?

Or do you carry it in your hand and try and do all your shopping with one hand?

Well, Woolworths Australia has taken to TikTok to share a hack that all shoppers should consider using.

In a short video, the shop explains: “Woolworths’ trolley hack.

“On the back of every trolley, there is a courtesy hook so you can hang your hat or your reusable bags, so you don’t have to carry them around the store.”

Woolworths shopping bag
Woolworths Australia has wowed blown shoppers’ minds by showing off a trolley hack that will help you store your shopping bags. Credit: @woolworths_au/TikTok

So there you go, a simple hook on the back of a trolley can be so helpful for shoppers.

It turns out a lot of people didn’t know this either and are taking to social media to share their disbelief.

Someone comments: “I was pleased when I discovered that hook. And I do hang my shopping bags there. Very good spot to put them.”

A second adds: “I only just discovered that like only a month ago – and I’ve been using trolleys for years… who woulda known huh?”

@woolworths_au Now thats a great spot for your bag! #Woolies #Woolworths #Hacks #Wooliesgang ♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

Another person says: “Excellent, so much of the trolley is taken up by bags.”

While a fourth person comments: “Yes! It’s amazing how many people don’t know what they are for though. Truly confusing to watch all those bags in trolleys.”

Someone else shares: “Am I the only one who never knew there were hooks on the trolleys? Game changer.”

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However, some people are dismissing this new discovery, with one claiming that this is common knowledge, as they comment: “I thought everyone knew that.”

Another person says: “Another utterly astounding ‘hack’. ‘I had NO IDEA OMG’ video on Facebook as, this time, some genius discovers that the bag hook on a shopping trolley is in actual fact a hook for hanging bags.

“Never mind New Year motivations, I could probably power myself through this entire year with the white hot rage I feel for folk discovering products’ intended uses several decades into their ridiculous lives.”

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