Usher Wore Gloves At The Super Bowl And Fans Think They’ve Worked Out Why

Fans think they've worked out why Usher wore gloves during his Super Bowl halftime show.
Credit: Alamy

Fans think they’ve figured out why Usher was wearing gloves at the Super Bowl halftime show…

Usher’s halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl got everybody talking.

But there was one aspect of the show that left everybody feeling confused.

The ‘King of R&B’ was wearing gloves for the performance…

And now, fans think they have worked out why.

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Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs snatched the victory over the 49ers with a score of 25-22.

The Chiefs also won the title of the first team in 20 years to win back-to-back Super Bowls!

But aside from the football, all eyes were on Usher for his take on the iconic halftime show.

It’s safe to say, he didn’t disappoint, with social media full of praise for the ‘Yeah’, ‘Confessions’, and ‘Love in This Club’ singer.

Usher at the 2024 Super Bowl.
Usher had viewers theorising why he was wearing gloves during his Super Bowl performance. Credit: Alamy

One person comments: “Usher was amazing, his halftime performance was everything.”

“No cap, Usher delivered a top 5 all-time Super Bowl halftime show,” a second agrees. “He had the hits, the guest appearances, the choreography, the marching band, flawless transitions, ROLLERSKATING! That performance was undeniable.”

Another viewer adds: “Usher ripped his shirt off, roller skated on stage, killed it with iconic songs, and just doing the MOST AND loved every moment of it. What a performance!!”

“USHER’S SUPER BOWL PERFORMANCE! Instantly one of my favourites now,” a fourth concurs.

While fifth fan writes: “Usher killed that! One of the better performances I have seen.”

However, there was one aspect of the show that left some fans feeling baffled.

“Usher’s sequin glam outfit and gloves are amazing,” one fan comments.

Another jokes: “Usher is the king of unnecessary gloves.”

Usher was rocking some unusual handwear during his performance, and now inquisitive fans think they’ve figured out why…

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People have come up with some crazy theories about the choice of gloves.

One jokes: “I thought Usher was ready to catch passes on the field, did you see the size of those gloves!!!”

Others thought the gloves might mean Usher is germaphobic.

But there’s one overriding theory that is dominating social media.

If you look closely, the gloves Usher sported for his halftime show resembled some of the most famous gloves in show business.

People believe that Usher was paying tribute to Michael Jackson, who also performed at the Super Bowl halftime show back in 1993!

“USHER WEARING THE MICHAEL JACKSON GLOVES,” one viewer posts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Another agrees, writing: “Nobody talking about how Usher gave off real Michael Jackson vibes during his performance. He really went from two white gloves to one lol.”

“Peep homage to Michael Jackson with the white gloves. I was not expecting so many wardrobe changes…,” adds a third.

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